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  1. TJ, thank you for providing us with these plugins as this will be of great value to many Ubotters.
  2. The reason why you are getting that error message is because LazyBotter's hosting has expired and in order to use any of his software it first has to check his server. Hopefully he renews his hosting as no one will be able to use any of his products since they are all secured by Meter/UbotLocker Unleashed Licensing System. However, it is a great product that I use a lot and it would be unfortunate to never be able to use it again. I hope he see's this post and if he no longer wants to support it, at least provide the current customers a way to access it that doesn't require him to be r
  3. Yeah it is a shame that he is no longer really active here anymore as he has some great products and this will definitely take some time to convert some of my UI's which will be no fun doing. However, I do not know when he will return or if he will continue to support his existing customers as his hosting is tied to the product and if his hosting is down or expired that means that you cannot access the product.
  4. Is anyone else using this UI Builder getting an "Invalid License. Allowed number of activations has exceeded" message?
  5. Hi Nick, Do you mind sharing your workaround as if you have any information that could useful I would surely apply it?
  6. No I have not tried making particular bot using HTTP as it is way to complex and would be very limited in what it could do just using HTTP. However, does anyone know the exact user agent being used internally within the Chrome 49 browser as some websites know the difference regardless of what user agent is being used.? It could also be CefSharp.Browser working in the background as well.
  7. I was curious as I know that a few people who have Ubot are using the Chrome 49 browser, but has anyone found a way to deal with the memory issues and it perhaps stopping or browser failing at some point within the process. 99% of the time I just use the old Chrome 21 browser, but because of this project I need to use the Chrome 49 browser as the site that I'm building the bot around can tell the difference no matter what other user agent I try in the Chrome 21 browser (as I have tried about 200, and none seem to work). The only thing that works is Chrome 49 browser which is why I'm tryin
  8. Hi Ubotters, Just made a purchase of this program as you never know when you may need to recover a program that you have been working hard on as we have all made the mistake of not saving something and then wishing that you did. Brutal was very quick to deliver this product to me which also surprised me as it is Saturday evening where I reside and most people are out and about at this time of the day, lol! However, when I saw this program that Brutal had put together I knew that I had to have it as it is really a lifesaver especially if you have a big bot that you are working on and d
  9. Hi TJ, I'm very interested in this plugin. Would this work for existing users within the database that already have licenses that are customers or would this work for only new users when a license is created?
  10. What is the quickest way to downgrade to the previous version within Ubot 5 if you are having customers experiencing this issue?
  11. Hi Dan, Thank you for sharing this with the community. Quick question for you is there a reason why the status continues to remain at "Waiting" after uploading a list of YouTube urls within the .txt to the software and then pressing the "Import YT Urls" button?
  12. Quick question what would be the best way to remove a blank spaces from a list or table? Example below: (0) green (1) (2) blue (3) red (4) (5) yellow Any ideas that you wish to share would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Is anyone seeing "The Remote Server Returned An Error (502) Bad Gateway" when trying to compile a bot?
  14. Mainly to keep it within the list or table but it would also be nice if covered how you would store and/or recall it from a database,list,csv, or xml file.
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