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  1. I feel ya Bruce. We can't be the only ones experiencing these frustrations and thoughts regarding odd order of the video tutorials and clumsy website navigation. They could probably increase sales of the product if they resolve some of these issues to help their new users.
  2. However, there are some basic instruction tutorials in the help section--you can find them here: http://network.ubotstudio.com/learn/ This link should be on the homepage when you open up your ubot program! I was looking for that tutorial page and I could not find it.I asked support about it and I could not explain very well what I was looking for, so they could offer no help. Thank you Bruce!
  3. Thanks for replying Bruce! I skipped a few videos in the series to video #5 and was a drag and drop tutorial. That was something I thought the tutorial would start off with. The videos are from 2012, think it's time for a new batch of updated videos. I would suggest that the new videos do very simple builds of bots that you can recreate while following the video. It would help build up a noob's confidence.
  4. I bought ubot several months ago and I've finally gotten around to watching the tutorial videos. The first video starts off great with a nice overview of uBot. The second video jumps right into variables, lists, commands with no context as to why you would use these commands. I thought I had made a mistake and was looking a video much later in the series, but it really was the second video. I watched the 2nd and skipped the 3rd video because there was no explained practical application for the commands and I was completely lost. It would be more helpful to have a tutorial with variables, li
  5. I guess you would be using this to post to social media sites?
  6. From massplanner website: http://www.massplanner.com/wp-flksdentisuz/plugins/under-construction-page/themes/sad_site/sad_site.jpg Sorry, our service is discontinuedWe are sorry, but at the request of Instagram we have been forced to close our service. We will provide more information as soon as we can. If you have any questions you can contact us at admin[at]massplanner.com
  7. What can you use the new ubot Video Commands for? For example, how can these new commands automate a youtube channel?
  8. Actually I don't need to say anything, just need to dial. It can do that in Google Voice?
  9. Can ubot log into google voice, dial a number, log out, log into another google voice, dial a number, etc. Probably need different proxies too, yes?
  10. Anyone know of a auto dialer bot or a plugin for Google Voice with an auto dialer?
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