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  1. Hello there is a possibility to connect Ubot Studio with Bluestacks so that I could automate apps? Thanks for answer
  2. Thanks I want check it I have test botsify and i find it make problems.....
  3. Hi , i search a good intelligent chatbot for facebook. Does anyone have something like that or can he recommend something to me? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello pbsolutionIm from Germany-Wenn Du dich mal austauschen magst melde dich Have a nice day
  5. Hi i have a question In german craiglist http://berlin.craigslist.de/ Is a kategory Persönliches-Personality Personal Strictly platonicshe is looking for herWomen seeking MenHe is looking for herHe searches himColorful mixedCasual encountersmissed connectionsRants / raves is this not in your tool integrate? Best Regard
  6. hi, i have a poblem. the email can don´t open via "klick". what ca i do? thanks. Enclosed the script. Thanks for help Gmx (1).ubot
  7. Thanks;) I thing it is better for me when i see that in a finish ubot script. When you are a expert it is done quickly for you ,)- I would pay a for the example script
  8. Hello I am a beginner and need help. My problem is im german and my english is not so good......... I need a sample script so that I can understand the processes. The script should do the following things: Startside-button See picture Setting: Import proxy proxy list Tx file and execute Visit website -Time To wait visit the Site -Amount Of Loop Who can send me a sample script? Here are few examples of how the script could look with the functions http://prnt.sc/aiwo4z http://prnt.sc/aiwoep Best regards
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