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  1. Hey guys. As the market requires anyone knows any software to develop in same style as ubot to develop apps for Android? Thank you in advance
  2. Hello boys, i'm having a problem making a bot, the website has some buttons in javascript and when i try to click with ubot browser, even mannually, it just does nothing but if you open it in normal browser it is working. Already tried to use all the possibilities of useragent and still not working. Someone has an idea of a possible solution?
  3. thank you for answer but it keeps not updating. The first link to image is what shows all the time, even when link changes it keeps showing the first image
  4. Thank you for answer, link of image is saved on a variable, what i want is when the link changes, the image on html panel updates.
  5. Hello guys i'm having a problem because im using "ui html panel" and i want to make images changing while he scrapes from website, the problem is the link changes but ui html panel do not update it, the link of images keeps changing but html panel only show the first one (when bot started), if i stop the bot and edit the code of html panel, he updates to the last one again (only if i do manual). Any way to make ui html panel to update everytime is changes? code html panel: <img src= #image1 alt="HTML5 Icon" style="width:50px;height:50px;"><img src=#image2 alt="HTML5 Icon" style="w
  6. hello i tried but it seems to not work actually, any other solution?
  7. Hello i need to solve a capcha v2 but i cant find the callback, someone can help pleaase? set(#AccessKey,"XXXXXXX","Global") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") wait(1) set(#GoogleKey,$scrape attribute(<class="g-recaptcha">,"data-sitekey"),"Global") clear list(%Debug) add list to list(%Debug,$plugin function("Advanced Captcha.dll", "$2captcha.com recaptcha", "#AccessKey", #GoogleKey, $url, "", "", 50, 120, "", "", "", "V2"),"Delete","Global") change attribute(<id="g-recaptcha-response">,"value",$list item(%Debug,1)) run javascript("___grecaptcha_cfg.clients[0].aa.l.cal
  8. Hello guys my ubot is crashing after scrape +/- 100 elments, and i have to restart ubot cause he stops, anyone with a solution for that?
  9. Guys i have made a bot, on windows 10 works great, and on windows 7 open on task bar, says loading files, but dont even open the window, only keeps like that on tasks
  10. Thanks pash, that helped a lot
  11. Hello guys, im trying to make a program to do a serch on google, open each result, scrape page and go back, then next page and do the same till no more results. With the scrape im fine, problem is: how i will click each link and know if all were clicked and then click next page and do the same again? Anyone with a brilliant idea for it?
  12. Hello guys i have this code, actually when i start it gives no error, but in the end it just does nothing, does not create the mp4 file, anyone with a solution for this? download youtube video("https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ0mxQXmLsk","{$special folder("Desktop")}/test.mp4")
  13. hello i tried your code, but still no, didnt scrape anything any idea?
  14. Hello guys i need to scrape atribute, want to search for innertext "insane" and give the result as "online2". my problem is that there is one class inside another one. so i always get answer "player" instead of "online2" any idea how i can do it? website code: <td class="player"> <img src="img/x.gif" class="online2"> <a href="/spieler.php?uid=5600">Insane</a> </td> i'm using this code: set(#test, $scrape attribute(<innertext=" Insane">, "class"), "Global")
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