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  1. I'm looking forward to update too! Ajax loading is going to help a lot! Too many licenses, my sever struggles to load without timeout!! I know I need a better server, but will probably upgrade server at same time as upgrading locker
  2. Sorry if already answered, but I have UNLEASHED (v1.9 i think), and UbotLocker + TJ's theme.... Just wondering if the updated UNLEASHED is going to cost me? or is it a free update? Also will it be easy to upgrade my existing DB? Or will it be best to start the new and fresh and enter the licenses in? (Obviously I could build a bot to do this lol) Cheers in advance Looking forward to the update, my server is struggling loading all the licenses, so the AJAX loading will be a BIG bonus for me
  3. Yes still working, sorry for the delayed reply
  4. Hello Macster, Look forward to 2.0 and ajax loading, as my server is slow loading all the licenses at once! Hoping upgrading will be easy... but probably will create new address to host and then forward using DNS once working to minimalise disruption to my customers. Keep up the great work, the new improvements sound awesome!
  5. Hello cүвεя_נυηкιε, Sorry for delay in replying Will PM you a link, was going to release for free but was awaiting macster to approve the tool first before releasing publicly (but can see he is very busy). Note this tools features will be added to macsters locker, so will probably not be needed in his future releases. But feel free to have a play with it
  6. Nice post... Have been thinking of code signing for over 2yrs now.... Have been wanting to try for over 1 yr.... I personally dont have many AV problems with my bots and software tools... Now can see its working I will get on it I personally use NSIS which is free, and once I have setup codesigning I will make a detailed post sharing how I do it Glad to read this post macster, and sure others will find this very useful... And your all in one license solution looks great for those who want to jump on it without any headaches running their own licensing server! KUDOS to Macst
  7. Plugin v1.0.0.1 not working for me.... get an object error set(#json, "\{ \"firstName\": \"John\", \"lastName\" : \"Smith\", \"age\" : 25, \"address\" : \{ \"streetAddress\": \"21 2nd Street\", \"city\" : \"New York\", \"state\" : \"NY\", \"postalCode\" : \"10021\" \}, \"phoneNumber\": [ \{ \"type\" : \"home\", \"number\": \"212 555-1234\" \}, \{ \"type\" : \"fax\", \"number\": \"646 555-4567\" \} ] \}", "Gl
  8. A nice tool designed to save time when testing Xpath or Regex expressions. Expression Checker Tool Features; Switch between Xpath HTTP, Xpath XML & Regular expressions.Source text from URL, clipboard, or reading a file.Visually see results when testing expressions.Quick setup buttons for common xpath attributes (but still fully customisable).Quick copy & paste buttons so coding is a breeze.Nice clean responsive UI.Designed for ubot developers to test expressions quickly within a fully working ubot environment, and to quickly move code from application to application. This tool could
  9. Just thought I would share a tool that is useful for embedding images into base64/html code. Compiled software tool! A simple image embedder tool, select an image file and copy code!Suitable for embedding images into emails or software GUI’sBenefits of embedding images with base64 encoding are instant loading of images and no dependancy on other files.Images are not blocked in emails and will instantly load, instead of loading from a host.Images can be embedded in software code reducing files. GET FREE TOOL HERE http://www.ubotem.com/wp-content/uploads/Image-Embedder-Tool-by-UBOTEM
  10. Ubot code is protected by meters locker package, no plugin required. Both lockerEX and Unleahed are extensions/addons that add even more cool features to the existing locker package! And defiantly worth it for serious developers
  11. Software tool updated, completely rebuilt with more cool features. TJ and I have made installing this MOD as easy as filling in some settings and clicking a few buttons I enjoyed making this and working with TJ, I hope you all love the tool too
  12. Not really have much issue, some customers may get warnings but if you offer good support pages, most customers figure it out But rarely do I get customers with complaints about AV issues! And if customer wants refund I generally offer it, most customers who ask for refund change mind once they see my products in action!
  13. Advice is VPS or Dedicated, but I personally run on shared with thousands of licenses... Maybe depends on the host and some other features that are included may not work on all shared hosts.
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