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  1. Hi, I have written to you several times but have not had a response. Could you please reset both of my licences? I have sent you a DM. Thank you in advance. Minik
  2. A Quick overview of The Search Engine Scraper by Creative Bear Tech and its core features. Our Search Engine Scraper is a cutting-edge lead generation software like no other! It will enable you to scrape niche-relevant business contact details from the search engines, social media and business directories. At the moment, our Search Engine Scraper can scrape your own list of website urls, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Ecosia, AOL, So, DuckDuckGo!, Yandex, Trust Pilot, Google Maps, LinkedIn, Yelp, Yellow Pages (yell.com UK Yellow Pagesand YellowPages.com USA Yellow Pages), Twitter, Facebook and
  3. Hi, how can I reset my licences? I have two. My hard drives went unfortunately and now I need to reset my licences. Could you please PM? Thanks
  4. THE WORLD'S FIRST WIX CONTACT FORM SUBMITTER SOFTWARE Every marketer knows that contact form submissions is the most effective of getting your message across. This is down to the fact that 99% of the time, contact form submissions reach the website owners. However, submitting contact forms manually can be a very tedious and expensive process. Our tech wizards have developed the world's first and only Wix Contact Form Submitter Software. Our Marketing Automation Software will allow you to send your message to hundreds of thousands of websites built with Wix.com on complete auto pilot. If you d
  5. MEET THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL SEO SOFTWARE THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO CREATE THOUSANDS OF SOCIAL SIGNALS AND BACKLINKS ON TUMBLR Minik's Tumblr Backlinks Social Signals Boss SEO Software works by posting on Tumblr social media network on complete auto pilot. Simply add your Tumblr accounts, private proxies, customise your Tumblr posts by adding your hash tags, text, website urls and images and then simply hit start. The SEO software will then post to Tumblr from your Tumblr accounts on a complete auto pilot! MINIK'S TUMBLR BACKLINKS SOCIAL SIGNALS BOSS SEO SOFTWARE SERVES 3 PURPOSESIt generate
  6. MINIK'S SOCIAL SIGNALS BOSS PINTEREST POSTER SOFTWARE SERVES THREE PURPOSES 1. Creates Social Signals from Pinterest Posts for Website SEO and Google Rankings; 2. Helps to index web 2.0 backlinks and website pages; 3. Sends targeted traffic to your website via Pinterest posts. MINIK'S SOCIAL SIGNALS BOSS PINTEREST POSTER SOFTWARE CREATES POWERFUL SOCIAL SIGNALSMinik's Social Signals Boss Pinterest Poster Software works by generating pins from hundreds of Pinterest accounts. This helps to create social signals which are vital for website SEO and Google rankings. MINIK'S SOCIAL SIGNALS BOSS
  7. G-Indexer is not loading properly. When I start it, it does not start. I have tried it on many different PCs and not a single one is working. Is there going to be a fix. I also find that the software is very unresponsive.
  8. GENERATE UNLIMITED SOCIAL SIGNALS FOR SEO WITH MINIK'S TWITTER SOCIAL SIGNALS BOSS SEO SOFTWARE Minik's Twitter Social Signals Boss SEO Software can generate unlimited social signals on Twitter by posting your website urls from hundreds or even thousands of Twitter accounts. This is the best way to generate social signals on Twitter and take your website to the very top of Google rankings. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? MINIK'S TWITTER SOCIAL SIGNALS BOSS SEO SOFTWARE SERVES 3 PURPOSES! Web 2.0 Backlink and Website Indexing Social Signal Generation for SEO rankings Drives Targeted Traffic that Con
  9. TURN EACH CONTACT FORM SUBMISSION INTO A VALUABLE SALES LEAD USING OUR SHOPIFY CONTACT FORM SUBMITTER SOFTWARE We are excited to bring you the industry's first Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software. With our Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software, you can contact tens of thousands of Shopify websites on auto-pilot. Say goodbye to the days when you had to submit Shopify contact forms manually! Simply enter your contact details, message and allow the Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software to do its magic. During many months of testing our Shopify Contact Form Submitter Software, we hav
  10. WHY ARE SHOPIFY PRODUCT REVIEWS VITAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS When a customer comes to your online Shopify store, the first thing they will look at is the number of reviews each product has. If your products do not have many reviews, this will send out a message that your Shopify store is not popular. This can turn down many users and leave your Shopify stores with few sales. GENERATE PRODUCT REVIEWS FOR YOUR SHOPIFY STORE ON AUTO PILOT WITH OUR REVOLUTIONARY SHOPIFY PRODUCT REVIEW GENERATOR SOFTWARE Every Shopify store owner knows exactly how difficult it is to get reviews for their produc
  11. GENERATE UNLIMITED B2B LEADS WITH YELLOW PAGES DATA EXTRACTION SOFTWARE Our Best Yellow Pages Data Extraction Software is simply the most powerful Yellow Pages Scraper on the market that will allow you to scrape unlimited B2B leads on complete auto pilot. Presently, our Yellow Pages Scraper is configured to work with UK, USA, Australia and Canada Yellow Pages. You can scrape Yellow Pages for one or more keywords. You can also choose what data you would like to scrape from Yellow Pages including Business Name, Email, Address, Telephone Number, Location, etc. The Yellow Pages Scraper will t
  12. For my money site urls, I use Minik's Social Signals Boss Twitter submitter. It is basically a software that tweets website urls out through hundreds of Twitter accounts. I heard that the devs are going to be releasing a software for every social media platform. This is a great way of indexing website urls in a safe way but the process is just too slow for web 2.0. I have used the software on my website with 5,000 pages without too much content and over a week, not only did Google index all of the pages but they also went up in rankings which is a win win. I am considering of getting a few mor
  13. I never knew it submits to Chinese sites. I am using the indexer on my tier 1 web 2.0 links and the indexing rate is pretty damn good, well it was until the latest update. For some reason, the indexing rate seems to have gone down when indexing with Brute Force. Any idea why?
  14. Hi, you say that you support Xevil for Google captcha solving. Could you please advise whether it is the XEvil software from Xrumer. I figured that it may be cheaper to run the XEvil application than to use 2captcha. Please could you advise how XEvil works and whether it can be run for Google submit function? Thank you!
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