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  1. Come oooooonnn this is already over an hour.... Come on Ubot Team.
  2. Unable to connect license server Error code 500. What's going on???
  3. So... where is the free plugin, as this is the free plugin section of the forum?
  4. This doesn't work. Error: "The given key was not present in the dictionary" and has to do with: Start time > Set > $find regular expression > $now
  5. Any idea when they will be downloadable in the store???
  6. Looking forward to the DLL's. When will they added to the store?
  7. Step2 does not work Pash, YOU must provide the plugin key that you got from Ubot Support, as per TOS and you know that.
  8. Yes all Aymen stuff has 40% OFF for Black Friday. Coupon: BLACKFRIDAY15
  9. I would not recommend uBot for this purpose. Better monitor new orders with PHP and cURL to automate the orders. This runs all 24/7 on your server and is very lightweight.
  10. Without posting the site and/or script it can be anything.
  11. I keep getting this error at some point, after the script runs 5 or 10 minutes. Then i have to restart again, etc.etc.etc. It's not a specific error from a particular page, i already checked it by watching what the script does. It has to do with downloading files, so what i already did was adding a 1 second wait command after $download file, issue still exist. I get the error: Webclient does not support concurrent I/O Operations. What is this all about? http://i.imgur.com/v5TbnOA.png
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