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  1. Hello , i need an automated software that can log in to wordpress website and do following things: - Install plugins -Setup plugins -Change some other wordpress settings -Make 4 Blank Pages -Delete default pages 90% of things are the same every time i make a mini site , and there is no need to add many variables. Please PM me or reply here if you have any questions , and tell me your quote for this job. Thanks
  2. i am using hide my ass VPN , it works well when creating manually , but only works once with ubot and then i get that message afterwards , tried deleting everything with ccleaner , changing IP and restarting ubot , nothing helped . Can someone suggest how to fix ?
  3. Hey guys , i tried Johns shell commands but i always get "Sorry, we cannot serve your request for a new account at this moment." when creating youtube accounts . i also get it when using ccleaner . I dont have Pro version , can i fix this somehow ?
  4. i also noticed that , if you have alot loop within loop and if within if , it slows to a crawl if the bot is large . mine has 6 tabs and when i change them i have to wait 20+ sec to load , ended up spliting it in half . for me alot of nodes are wasted on "if it fails start over" ,for example if i have 3 posible errors thats 3x IF and paste whole loop in it to start over. is there a better solution for this ?
  5. Thanks TJ once again for the help . How do i save proxy along with username/password , or can i bind proxy to one account ?
  6. Hello everyone , im struggling with proxies because most of public proxies dont work that well . i have a simple account creator and id like it to check if proxy works at the start of the loop , if it works then save it to different list and file for example "working proxy" and continue to make account with it . if it succeeds save username/pass/proxy IP:port to list and file . if it fails delete and change proxy and start the loop again. Another option is to make proxy checker separatly , test all proxies and save working ones to different file , which can be used to make accounts later .
  7. Hello everyone , i will buy Ubot licence soon , but need some information regarding diference in Standard and Pro version . i have seen the comparison page . -Image recognition - for what kind of bots is it used ? do i need it for lets say facebook like bot or something similar ? -Sockets/Image, CSS, Javascript Disabling : if someone can explain this feature please -Multi-Threaded Browsing : does it mean with standard version all bots created will have only 1 thread ? If there is anything else i didnt mention and its important feel free to write it here . Thanks
  8. hello , i would like to buy your software , can you PM me with your skype/AIM/msn ? Thanks
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