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Kreatus (Ubot Ninja)

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AutomationNinjaKreatus (Ubot Ninja)

Hey Kreatus,
Looks like you have built some awesome bots.
I noticed you can't accept PM's. Is that because you get to damn many? Just wondering how to contact you.
Peace, love and granola!
Jun 03 2012 12:58 PM

fmax168Kreatus (Ubot Ninja)

I just remembered that this bot came with auto backlink bomber and I found it on my computer. Just be glad you didn't buy it, because I used it on a gmail account this evening and out of 720 emails to activate, it only did 73. 10% sucks. I decided to spend $199 and get ubot and try to build my own.
Aug 18 2011 10:54 PM