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  1. Hi all, Am getting this error when I try to run the Google credentials with ubot - Seth did a video on it and this stops me. Any ideas?
  2. If anyone’s interested in real-time chat and discussion with ubot and bots in general i use discord regularly and find it very useful. All welcome. I’ve made a lot of money from my bots and have lots of ideas to help promoting and also ideas in general but I couldn’t have done it without the help from members here. https://discord.gg/PfQ5G9Y7cq
  3. Hi all, I watched the video posted by Seth for setting up the Google credentials to integrate ubot with Google through the Google Developers Console. HOwever, when I try to run the code I get a script error: "The request was aborted. Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Kev PS the video in question
  4. Anbyone successfully connected to Google Sheets via the Google Sheets inside the Bot Bank of 6.3.5? If so, how did you do it?
  5. Hi all, Really just looking for someone who's done the whole Twitter Oauth with Twitter, used the http post plugin and posted tweets. just trying to figure that out and make my bots cleaner as browser logins to do this not really as slick as I'd like when I can do it the API way. Thanks!
  6. Hi Ed honestly it’s been fine for me. The 6.3.1 version works for me but just doesn’t compile. No browser issues or anything that would be an issue for me. 6.3.5 seems to have some list issues as far as I can see so I use the two for comparison when I need to.
  7. Kev

    TLS 1.2 and http

    Thanks Nick, so at the top of my code I've pasted in the plugin command code you've provided there and navigated to howsmyssl.com and it says it's fine. That all I need to do?
  8. Kev

    TLS 1.2 and http

    Hi all, I use an API that will require TLS 1.2 - I use http plugin. I was wondering how I might go about making this TLS 1.2 compliant? They emailed me to tell me I need to do this as it won't work come January. Thank you
  9. I’m using two version: 6.3.1 and 6.3.5. I can compile in 6.3.5 but not in the other. Also, 6.3.5 still has issues with the lists so when I need to run list required bots I use 6.3.1 in the studio itself. Other bots that don’t use lists I compile and they work ok.
  10. Windows restore saved me this time. Code was working yesterday then same code today wasn't working as it should... figured the new version was the issue so loaded up on my laptop which still runs 6.3.1 and previous code was working as it should. With all the bugs going on with ubot, I still love the platform and will continue to use it as is, but really do need the exe compiler to work so as I can deploy bots to run on machines and not have to have the development platform open the whole time.
  11. Pash, does your plugin use the Google API? I want to integrate with Google Sheets and AMMEND data to an existing file I am currently importing and uploading manually. Thanks
  12. Hi all, just wanted to provide an update on this: I applied these registry settings on the 8th October and I wasnt able to get the NEW version of UBOT working (6.2.9) which was given to me by the support desk. I advised Buddy on support that I had applied these registry settings. He suggested a role back to a previous time. I had a system restore point on the 5th October. I applied that. The new release of UBOT now works (bar a couple of error prompts at open which support are aware of). So try that - go back BEFORE you applied the registry fixes and get the latest version from support
  13. Downgraded and still stuck on splash screen. "Starting Ubot Studio"
  14. Same for me - I just updated and stuck on the splash screen. I have a ticket in with support but thought I'd look in the forum see what others might say.
  15. Hi all, Anyone used Surfshark with Ubot? They have a feature where it will rotate through IPs and wondered if anyone had incorporated this with any bots? Thanks
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