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  1. Thanks yes I have been researching so far no luck. I have a ticket into ubot support but have not had a response yet. I updated the mysql installation to make sure no options were missed that would cause this type of issue but that has not helped either. Still searching. I will check out the link you sent. Thanks.
  2. I have tried that but did not work. Same error. But I have no problems connecting using mysql workbench or command line client.
  3. Yes I can connect to my remote server's MySQL database using the built-in UBot Studio database connection wizard. No problems there. But a db on my local machine does not connect. I have tried with root user and with a created user.
  4. I'm trying to test the database commands. Having problem connecting to localhost on port 3306. I can connect fine to my remote server hosted with my webhost. And I can connect to my local database fine through the command line and MySQL Workbench on my pc. However I cannot connect to my database on localhost through ubot. When testing the connection I get "Failed to establish database connection!" Any ideas what's preventing the connection? (uid and pwd have been removed) plugin command("DatabaseCommands.dll", "connect to database", "server=localhost;uid=****; pwd=****; database=world; p
  5. I want to check / uncheck child checkboxes when the parent checkbox is checked / unchecked. I have the html and javascript worked out and it works fine in a browser and in ubot. However it stops working in ubot when the variable and fillwith parameters are added to the <input> tag. Is this a bug? If not, what change do I need to make to get this to function as intended? Code is below as well as a sample bot is attached. Thanks in advance ui html panel("<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title> How to select all child checkboxes using jQuery </title> </hea
  6. Hello Aymen I just purchased this through the UBot store. Can you advise how to download?
  7. Yes it is on by default. I should have said I verified that javascript was enabled. I did so by navigating to https://www.whatismybrowser.com/is-javascript-enabled and it said yes.
  8. I will try and see. Will report back when I'm at that computer again.
  9. I am having a similar issue with facebook. Both in compiled bots as well as in Ubot itself. It's not a javascript issue for me, as youtube loads fine and youtube videos play just fine. My issue just started yesterday.
  10. I am having an problem with Facebook both in UBot and in compiled bots. When my compiled bot navigates to facebook and then logs in the screen of the user's profile is blank. See the attached picture. This problem began yesterday, June 3. I learned of this when several customers started reporting the issue. I tried an empty UBot file in UBot 4.2.20 and UBot 5.5.13 and the same thing happens. I tried from my compiled bot both on my local machine and a VPS and it's the same issue. I've tried several Facebook Accounts. Facebook works just fine from a browser on my computer. Is Facebook n
  11. Meter navigated to my JVZooPaymentNotify.php in the browser and saw there was some line error. Then he went into the file and made some changes, don't know exactly what, but I think it was some kind of date/time zone setting. The next time he navigated to JVZooPaymentNotify.php it displayed "0" in the top left of the browser and that cleared it up.
  12. Thanks meter for helping me resolve and close out this issue. Everything is working perfectly!
  13. Thank you. I appreciate your help getting this resolved. I also have a ticket in to JVZoo, in the event that i have something set up incorrectly on their end. I'll update with any info I get.
  14. I contacted Hostgator and they checked my Apache installation and found that mbstring is already enabled. Anything else I can check?
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