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  1. My hands are tied. It's not that I don't want to upgrade it's that I can't because this is a computer owned by someone else and they do the management of the upgrade across the entire organization. The last big update here at UBot was 6.1.14 (before 6.2.7). We were all unable to run UBot because Microsoft made a change to .Net Framework and it took us a couple of days to adapt. My wife's computer is up to date as are the versions that I run on Linux. Until there is an alternative to Microsoft (not Apple) we are all stuck with their laziness and bloat code concerning operating systems.
  2. @charliefinale My system is a locked system. Meaning, the university I work for has a HUGE IT department as well as a Security group and they have locked down Windows updates where no employee outside of those two departments can make changes within the operating system. It's unfortunate but it's been my world for 11 years. In fact, I just had to do a Windows update (forced by them) just three days ago. After doing so, ALL of UBot Studio websites and subdomains were flagged as malware sites and I was blocked. I had to wait for two days before I could get access into this site to make th
  3. Ditto to what Charlie is saying. We cannot address it unless we know about it. I have tested this on my end and I cannot replicate this. If you are seeing this error and you upgraded to 6.2.7 then did you upgrade when UBot Studio asks you to or did you UNINSTALL UBot and then re-install? Either way we are not seeing the error. It would also be of value to report issue to Support at this new Support site: https://ubotmedia.freshdesk.com/support/home The old support site was having a lot of issues. Thanks Buddy
  4. There's nothing wrong with the site. Just clear your browsers cache or check your DNS settings (this is new as of today). Buddy
  5. 1. The purpose of this forum is to discuss using UBot Studio within the Mac environment as well as helping others through the configuration portion of the Mac, Parallels, Window's products that is generally a part of the Mac world. 2. This section is not for bug reports, complaints about the software, or complaints about the company. Feel free to direct reproducible bugs to Tracker or to Support. 3. Do not make any personal attacks against any members or staff members. Flame wars will not be tolerated. 4. Do not hijack threads. The topic of a thread is defined by the original poster or OP,
  6. @ATuringtest Give this a try! loop(1) { set(#var,$scrape attribute($element offset(,0),"outerhtml"),"Global") set(#var2,$find regular expression(#var,"href=\"(.*?)\""),"Global") clear list(%targetURL) add list to list(%targetURL,$list from text(#var2," "),"Delete","Global") loop(6) { remove from list(%targetURL,0) } set(#var,"","Global") set(#var2,"","Global") } I tested this on several pages from that forum and it is pretty quick and efficient. Buddy
  7. There is an issue with the Shell command in our Tracker. Hopefully, it will get resolved soon. Buddy
  8. Have you tried placing your variable in a $trim function? What about confirming the text length of the variable to ensure there are no invisible characters? Buddy
  9. When the error appears check to see if that variable has a non-numeric character in it. That could trigger that issue. Buddy
  10. I think Infinity is Sales talk. Other than a sales email that is the only place I have seen Infinity used with UBot. 6.1.1 is the most recent version. There are still some adjustments needed for version 6 and there is an active effort to get it ramped up to the level that 5.9.55 attained. Thanks Buddy
  11. I like this if I only need one of them. scrape table($element offset(,0),&table1) Buddy
  12. You should be able to create a Loop While to check the time and then pop out of the Loop While once your criteria is met. Buddy
  13. Yep it's too old. You can put a ticket in to support for Customer Service and see what your options are. Buddy
  14. Loop 0 Is a container for nodes that will not execute. A great thing to use when developing and debugging a bot. I use it all of the time. Buddy
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