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  1. Do these two things simply not work together? I can't seem to get it to work. If set headless browser to on, my "new browsers" disappear after a bit. I do "thread >> in new browser >> set headless browser >> on", and when I run the bot, the new browser will pop up like it normally does (except it's blank instead of showing me the webpages) and then it's presumably doing... something... and then after a little bit (20-30 seconds) it just disappears. If I remove the headless browser setting the bot functions normally. I don't really know what this means or what is happening
  2. Unfortunately I think the biggest problem is that it seems cookies are shared across instances of UBot, or multiple instances of a compiled bot, or even different compiled bots. So even if there's a workaround for clearing the cookies, it would end up clearing the cookies of any other instances of a bot as well. Cookies are also shared if you use the "in new browser" command, which seems a little silly and kind of defeats the purpose of that command at least if you're doing something that requires logging into an account.
  3. On older versions of UBot any time I would close and reopen the software, it would clear the cookies for the browser completely. The same is true if I ran multiple instances of a compiled bot, every instance had its own cookies. Now it seems cookies are saved even after closing UBot and even worse, the cookies are shared across multiple instances of UBot or a compiled bot .exe. Additionally the "clear cookies" command doesn't work at all. Am I the only one experiencing this? I do suppose people told me not to upgrade to version 6 for a reason, and I'm glad I kept a backup of 5.9.44.
  4. So let me get this straight, UBot 6.0 was a broken mess, and now he's releasing an entire new version "UBot Infinity"? We're just going to ignore that the last "new version" was never properly functional? Cool...
  5. From what I read 6.0 was broken on release and everyone was sticking with version 5. Is version 6 usable and better than version 5 now? Don't feel like paying for a subscription just to upgrade to something that sucks.
  6. Well... it looks like this is just a problem with trying to run the node individually. Running the entire script doesn't produce the error, but running the node by itself does.
  7. I'm trying to make a bot with what I'm pretty sure would be considered some very basic email verification, but it's giving me problems. Here's the mail part of the bot: http://i.imgur.com/kyyeFxx.jpg It connects via POP just fine, and if I go to the verify emails wizard, it brings up the emails in the account just fine as well. But if I try to run the verify emails node, it gives me the error in the title. What am I missing?
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