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[SELL] HTTP POST plugin + Crazy Bonuses Inside

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doing that every day since a week now


sorry for your troubles , in my defense , i only received your email today , you probably been emailing the wrong guy!

also if you don't get a response from me via email (never happened before) , please make sure to open a support ticket here https://ubotplugins.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/tickets!

Sorry for your troubles again!

PS : i don't use the forums much these days ,so the best way to reach me is my email : aymenbnr@gmail.com , or via skype : @aymenbnr




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I'm currently locked out of a bot i added the wplogin to. Are there any detailed instructions on how to configure the wpauth.php file to recognize login credentials in the wp database? Thanks! 

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for http clear cookie, hope somebody help me out.


i created a bot to scrape amazon data.   i tried clear cookie  command  plugin command("HTTP post.dll", "Clear Cookies", "https://www.amazon.com/")

but looks like it will not clear all cookies.


my bot can run perfect like 20mins, after that i need to close the bot and reopen the bot, or else amazon will popup captcha  bot detection


any body can tell me how to clear the cookie clear

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