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  1. Thanks Pro for finding the issue. It works now.
  2. Hi, I have a smaller script that was written by an Ubot member a year ago but he seems to be not active anymore. The script stopped working and I need someone to update it. I can pay you via Paypal. What the script does is loading a list of URLs and checking the URLs if there is https version or not. Cheers
  3. Hi I need a little tool programmed with Ubot, please let me know your pricing and when you can deliver. I also want the source code and I have full rights. 1) I specify the input folder 2) I specify the number of copies, eg 10 3) I press start button 4) Program takes all files in the specified folder and creates X duplicate versions of each file. So for example if the folder contains 5 files and I want 10 copies of each file then program creates 50 files. File naming is not important (eg just append a number to the existing file name or create a whole new file name). File extension must re
  4. Hi if someone can help please. It worked before but it stopped clicking the Google Search button and I can't find out how to make it work again. Here the code I use: plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Click", "x://input[@value=\"Google Search\"]") I checked the html code and it seems the same button code appears twice there: http://i.grab.la/08b16-ad29aa03-f06e-4d35-bbc4-01c74d729c75.png role="listbox"></ul><style>#sbt{display:none}.sbct{padding:0px 16px;line-height:22px;display:flex;align-items:center;min-width:0;}.sbtc{display:flex;flex:auto;flex-direction:colu
  5. Is there a quick and easy way to capitalize a string. e.g. from "one two three" into "One Two Three" ? Thanks
  6. Bought it. 1) Is it correct that brute force doesn't make use of multiple threads yet? (any plans to change that?) 2) Why you don't recommend brute force for new sites? Thanks
  7. I have a muti-threaded bot that fetches web pages through the HTTP post plugin and saves data to a SQLite database. It also works with add-list-to-list to keep track of URLs of a site, on average between 5.000-15.000 items in the list. It's not a huge program but it eventually crashes every time I run it sooner or later. When I have 2-3 threads it lasts longer, 10-20 threads and it will crash for sure. Memory is always in the 500-800MB range, it doesn't build up, goes up and down all time. CPU usage 10-15%, so computer seems fast enough. Even on 25 threads CPU increases only by about 3%, memo
  8. not very large, between 10k and 3 MB per file. Will check these plugins, thanks/
  9. I try regex but it seems very slow: set(#regvar,$find regular expression($read file("test.txt"),".*{#filterword}.*"),"Global") E.g. when I use Total Commander and search for a text in 80 text files it finds something almost instantly, when I use ubot with regex it's so slow that I can almost watch it going through every textfile one by one.
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