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  1. I just notice that the popup message "Chrome is being controlled by automated test software" appear on all my ExBrowser bots(old and new) disable-infobars => is not working anymore any idea what to test?
  2. interesting in your builder, have some question before buying: Its work with Ubot Sutdio X? Also, do you have any discounts at the moment(my buget is almost exhausted)?
  3. can't start your GUI hero because of antivirus Bitdefender I've added your software to whitelist but still not opening What other files to add to exception list?
  4. Hi, Anybody here use ExBrowser Set Cookie By Domain? I'm trying to login to gmail but I notice that if simply use ExBrowser Load Cookies, all cookies will be attached to only on domain "google.com" but, if checking with EditThisCookie extension I saw that some cookies have to be attached to "mail.google.com" So, I've tried to use plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Set Cookie By Domain", "OSID", "testCookies", "mail.google.com")but it's not working What I am missing?
  5. I have same issue and not sure how to solve it I've install back ubotstudio 5 until this problem will be solved
  6. How to set a Referrer URL with ExBrowser, is this possible?
  7. Currently, I use something like this but I am curious if this can be done direct(without any additional function) In ubot default browser is very simple change proxy("None") so, I thought that there are such thing and in Exbrowser
  8. any idea how to set Exbrowser HTTP proxy as None/Null I want to start browser without proxy but with using ExBrowser Set HTTP Proxy plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Launcher", "Chrome", $plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Set HTTP Proxy", "NONE", "", ""), "")
  9. Yes, the problem was with USERNAME, after I change it to a new USERNAME it's starting to work fine. Thanks for your advice
  10. All the solution that gives "Google Search" I've already tested, none of them helped Problem is only with Chrome ExBrowser, my main Chrome Browser don't have such issue
  11. Have a problem with Sign In/Sync Accounts in Chrome, when I try to Sign In/Sync I got "Sync is disabled by your administrator" Any idea how to solve it?
  12. I just notice that the problem is with "$special folder" function, not working correctly that's why I got the issue with your plugin(that's why supported files where download in another folder, not in the correct one) http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/21616-function-special-folder-not-working/
  13. Have a strange issue with "$special folder" function on my WORK PC, not working correctly I simply action return null result alert($special folder("Desktop")) On my HOME PC its work fine, without any issue Any idea how to solve it?
  14. The same bot, on my Home PC its work fine, without any issue but at WORK PC its getting me that issue I assume problem is with the PC but not sure why
  15. I have an issue and not sure how to solve it. After reinstalling WIndow, when I open the first time any bot "ext" folder is created in folder where actual bot file is(not in AppData) I've tried to reinstall ubot, delete all files from Users - still the same problem Any idea why I got this issue?
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