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  1. Actually I directly use "Table to Datagrid" command without using "UI Add DataGrid Row" (adding row command seems to work slow, isn't it?). So I first add new lines to the list of items(which is stroed in a #var), then convert the #var to a list, and add that list as a column to the table, then convert the table to the datagrid. it works but I'll miss those new lines in the datagrid.
  2. Nick, Can I have multi-line cells in datagrid? If yes, how should I do that? Thanks
  3. UPDATE: I totally forgot about 'Set" commands and using it solved my issue. this post can be ignored. ***************************************************************************************************************** Nick, I loaded the XAML code in an On Load command, but the data (in front of the labels) doesn't populate till the bot is finished doing it's job, then I do a Run Node on the Load XAML node manually to see the labels' text is updated with data. How can I populate data in the run time?
  4. Nick, are you here? I need to create a Log and I have problem TextBlock control doesn't maintain the last Log text (replaces new text in the control).
  5. I made this from your sample code and it worked correctly for me here: plugin command("UltimateUI.dll", "UI Load XAML", "<Grid> <ListView x:Name=\"myList\" HorizontalAlignment=\"Left\" Height=\"185\" Margin=\"70,49,0,0\" VerticalAlignment=\"Top\" Width=\"256\"> <ListView.View> <GridView> <GridViewColumn/> </GridView> </ListView.View> <ListViewItem Content=\"Coffie\"></ListViewItem> <ListViewItem Content=\"Tea\">
  6. A few days ago upgraded Ubot to Dev just to be able to use Nick's plugin (picked this up too). Haven't got my hand in it yet except watching all 3 vids. I'm sure that this plugin never let me down as Nick created and supports it. Great job Nick and thanks for finding us a way to finally theme our bots in the best way (IMO) plus tons of features.
  7. You buy/get Visual Studio. Open it and design your form on it, a layout similar to this: https://us.v-cdn.net/5019960/uploads/editor/dt/kfr2jc3gno53.png Than you copy the generated xaml code in VS, inside Ubot into the proper xaml form command and when you run it, you will see the form is in ubot. Now please tell me something, I see you have Ubot Professional edition (your profile info says) , is that right? you got no errors when working with the plugin? because I saw needs Dev edition. please let me know.
  8. You know what's the best part of this plugin? Nick is the most active and most helpful person in the community, meaning you will never feel like you have left alone.
  9. Looks so cool having a new plugin for UIs. watched Part 1 and doesn't seem to be much complicated even for someone like me with almost no experience with Visual Studio. Nick, Ubot doesn't have the ability to refresh data in a ui listbox or ui dropdown, is it the same with your plugin because of Ubot's limitations? Carl (lazybotter) the creator of UStrap made a component that does the job very simple, I use this feature A LOT. (I'm aware that different programming languages used).
  10. No need to iFrame switching: plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Type Text", "//*[@id=\"container\"]/div[1]/div[2]/div[4]/div/div[2]", "How do use exbrowser to type text into this iframe html editor in the link below. How do i use the switch to iframe feature.?")
  11. Hey Pash, Haven't picked up this plugin yet but, in the demo videos I see it supports 3 types of WYSIWYG editors so, do they support image insertion (local and from url)? Can I have WYSIWYG loaded on an HTML interface when the bot loaded, instead of dialog? (currently I'm using UStrap HTML UI builder) The list box and drop-down do they support dynamic updating? (get values dynamically when the bot is running - Ubot's don't support dynamic updating)Thanks
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