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  1. Hello, It's been while since I used UbotStudio and today when trying to I got a message that says "an exception occurred during a webclient request.". I closed it and ubot frozed then crash after clicking on it. I am using WIndows 10 pro. Is this why it crash or something else? Please assist.
  2. I am having a problem with my UI (with Studio X), when it's loading it gets stuck for a few minutes on the error below, before it fully loads. Once it eventually loads everything seems to function as normal. I have also tried it with Ubot 5.9 and it loads quickly with no error. Any ideas what is causing this? The error is: Failed to load URL http://rendering/with error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED (NameNotResolved) PS I uninstalled all plugins but that doesn't help.
  3. Unable to connect license server Error code 500. What's going on???
  4. Getting an error in web console "VM228 about:blank:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'l' of undefined" When running run javascript("___grecaptcha_cfg.clients[0].aa.l.callback('{#callback}');") It worked just fine all morning and suddenly started giving this with NO CHANGES. If someone can please advise.
  5. Anyone have problems with image functions after compiling a bot? In UBOT 5 (latest version), I can use these image functions just fine such as "reduce image quality" and "add text to image". But, once compiled into exe, these functions don't work. Anyone have this problem and know of a fix? Thank you.
  6. I am unable to open ubot studio it gives me an error unable to connect to license server 403 forbidden pfb the picture kindly help asap. NOTE: I am not using any proxy on my system.
  7. Hi, This is a bot that scrapes all links from the following page that list links of WP blogs that till have their commenting open: http://loudgobs.com/wp_blogs/1.html The bot then visits to each link to verify the blogs' commenting sections are open yet. If it finds the form input fields (html attributes) for name, email and url then it counts the commenting section is still open and starts auto commenting and lists your link on the blog comments. Straight bot. But the hassle occurs when the bot finds the attributes of the commenting section on a blog and Ubot unnecearily tries
  8. I have a bot that seems to work for hours but then will randomly fail on these type statements. navigate(#urlaz,"Wait")wait for browser event("DOM Ready",9999)wait for browser event("Everything Loaded",9999)wait for element(<class="navFooterLine navFooterLinkLine navFooterDescLine">,9999,"Appear")save to file("{$special folder("My Documents")}\\babrowseraz.html",$document text)set(#category,$page scrape("<span class=\"nav-search-label\" style=\"width: auto;\">","</span>"),"Global") the error seems to occur on the $page scrape command. The line before saves $document text to
  9. hello guys i have bough advanced data text file i tried this code gave by pacha plugin (advanced captcha): comment("2captcha reCAPTCHA") set(#_username,"","Global") set(#_password,"","Global") navigate("https://goo.gl","Wait") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") click(<class="recaptcha-checkbox-checkmark">,"Left Click","No") wait(5) set(#_bannerText,$trim($scrape attribute(<class="rc-imageselect-desc-wrapper">,"innertext")),"Global") set(#_captchaId,"","Global") set(#_saveImagePath,"{$special folder("Application")}\\CaptchaImage.jpg","Global") save element image(<
  10. Hello, One of the bot i created today, is giving me this error, was wondering if anyone had this error before and know how to fix it? http://i.imgur.com/2anUz27.png Thanks in advance
  11. The last weeks i often have problems starting ubot studio because their servers are offline. So it is unable to connect to license server... the website is offline too. Like just in this moment.... So i am unable to use the program... and this happens WAY to often :-( Do you have the same problems?
  12. Hi guys, I am trying to create a bot that will scrape whois registrar information from the following site: https://whois.icann.org/en It basically takes a list of website URLs and passes them into the site. Once it does that it will scrape the email address off from the site based on the contact information presented. The bot is fairly simple but I've been running into some bot breaking glitches that won't allow the bot to run past around 1400 results. I can leave the bot on running for several thousand results but after around 1400, it'll stop scrapping the email addresses and saving them
  13. I'm trying to make a bot with what I'm pretty sure would be considered some very basic email verification, but it's giving me problems. Here's the mail part of the bot: http://i.imgur.com/kyyeFxx.jpg It connects via POP just fine, and if I go to the verify emails wizard, it brings up the emails in the account just fine as well. But if I try to run the verify emails node, it gives me the error in the title. What am I missing?
  14. Hi guys, I've been using uBot for a couple of month but this is the first time I've got so stuck I've needed some advice. After spending the whole day building my lovely new uBot project, I finally got to the last stage of adding a couple of UI monitors and made a monumental mistake by inserting a UI monitor right at the beginning of the code to track position 0 of a list which is yet to be initiated/populated. Now all I get is infinite popups of 'You have exceeded the range of the list' every time I click close or continue. Like an idiot, I thought I could be smart and closed the erro
  15. Hi Fellow Botters and Ubot Staff, right now I am testing the DEV version and try to use a compiled installer. When I try to run the installer (in order to deploy the script with necesarry ressources and install it on windows system) I get the following error: Error opening file for writing: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Ubot Studio\Browser\5.9.12\avcodec-53.dll Click Abort to stop the installation ... (Screenshot attached) This issue opens up multiple questions: 1.) How to solve this problem in order to properly install the software (bot) with installer? 2.) Does it mean, t
  16. I keep getting this error at some point, after the script runs 5 or 10 minutes. Then i have to restart again, etc.etc.etc. It's not a specific error from a particular page, i already checked it by watching what the script does. It has to do with downloading files, so what i already did was adding a 1 second wait command after $download file, issue still exist. I get the error: Webclient does not support concurrent I/O Operations. What is this all about? http://i.imgur.com/v5TbnOA.png
  17. Hey guys and gurus. I am newbe with ubot so i bumped into my first problem while trying to scrape some details from seoclerks [dot] com. Whenever i try to open that site in ubot, i get error: SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR: -107. Tried some fixes from searching, but nothing help. Is it something i can do, or this website have some issues with their ssl certificate? Please help
  18. Hi all, whats happened with ubot? All my bot are getting error "connection timed out" when accessing facebook mobile site https://m.facebook.com but It's ok if bot accessing desktop site https://www.facebook.com. If my bot run to access other website it is normal / no error. I am not using proxy/vpn or other. I am trying to build another bot with simple code and it is still getting an error: Screen Shot: All user agent is not difference, all are getting error. Are some one getting problem like me?
  19. when i login to facebook via ubot, this is what i get it tried it via proxy, using different UA and still the same http://i.imgur.com/mLIYjc5.png can anyone please tell me how to fix this.
  20. why i get script error access to the patch data_0 and cannot create temp etc..
  21. Hello, I am working on writing a bot that will allow the user to gather Youtube videos to a list for posting on their WordPress website. My problem, is that this code: loop while($comparison(#stop, "!=", "Stop")) { set(#add_all_videos, "false", "Global") set(#add_video, "false", "Global") if($comparison(#add_all_videos, "=", "add")) { then { add list to list(%vid_urls, $scrape attribute(<class="contains-addto yt-uix-sessionlink spf-link ">, "fullhref"), "Delete", "Global") } else { } } if($comparison(#add_video, "="
  22. I have added a value in UI text box, i have set the bot to add this value in a text field on a webpage everytime the webpage and the field is loaded, the bot does this right but after a couple loops it gives me the following error. http://i.imgur.com/GLmrbOX.png it doesn't give me any more details on the error, can anyone please tell me what does this error stands for?
  23. Hey guys, Anyone having same problems with mine? I'm creating youtube account creator bot. I cannot get account data to random (Quite big problem for me), and when i use prompt command to receive data input from user the prompt window is not pop up. These problems only found in compiled bot only. It's working fine if i run the code directly on Ubot. I'm using Ubot 5 Professional Edition. Anyone have any solution? Thank you in advance. Here is pictures: Prompt is working fine when run on Ubot 5 Project file. http://i.imgur.com/IFJAVDU.jpg Prompt window is not pop up when run
  24. error you have exceeded the range of the list add list to list(%time, $list from file("{$special folder("My Documents")}\\time.txt"), "Delete", "Global") set(#time1, $list item(%time, 0), "Global") set(#time2, $list item(%time, 1), "Global") set(#time3, $list item(%time, 2), "Global") set(#time4, $list item(%time, 3), "Global") set(#time5, $list item(%time, 4), "Global") set(#time6, $list item(%time, 5), "Global") set(#time7, $list item(%time, 6), "Global") set(#time8, $list item(%time, 7), "Global") set(#time9, $list item(%time, 8), "Global") set(#time10, $list item(%time, 9), "Global") add
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