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  1. I have win 10, 64 bit. Using dot net 4.8. I have dropdown issue all the way up to 6.2.5. Newest version 6.2.7 fixed it for me. In your case, I do not know how to fix. I suggest using older version if its working good for you.
  2. I just updated to 6.2.7 and it seems all issues with what I was experiencing is now fixed. Also, drop down works for me now.
  3. I went back to version 6.1.8 and all is good again. In your customer account, find the download ubot link and replace the version # with previous version to download.
  4. You my friend are a genius!!! Thank you!
  5. None of my browser commands are working with ubot 6.2.5 Things like type text or even doing a click is not working. Can't select any elements. Anybody else have this issue? I was using 6.1.8 and everything working good except for the dropdown menu issue. But browser commands work. ****I updated to ubot 6.2.7 and this issue is now resolved!
  6. Not working with (SPACE), thanks anyways. Not interested in using exbrowser. But at least the type keys is working, I'll just leave the computer running ubot when I'm not using it for now. Thanks for all of your help guys!
  7. Alright! Making some progress . So using "type keys" works in playing the video at youtube page. However, this requires the mouse arrow pointer to be used and having the ubot window open and cannot be minimized to be ran in the background. So not ideal for botting. Also, I tried sending the space key, doesn't work to play video. Also tried switching browser from chrome79 to chrome21 and youtube doesn't allow chrome21 browser (outdated). I feel we are close to a solution coming.
  8. I am using newest version Ubot X 6.18 Developer version. Thanks
  9. I tried ubot image click, still not working. Tried different useragent browsers, even using mouse hover over and click, still not working. Only when I actually click on video through ubot browser manually myself, does the video play. Thank you
  10. hello, I am having problem getting ubot to click on youtube play button at youtube.com video page (i.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gORrpDXDML8) *Seems like ubot CAN click the play video button from this forum page. BUT ubot cannot click on the play button at the youtube video page? Thank you for your help and suggestions!
  11. Found it, for those who need ubot4 http://www.ubotstudio.com/files/ubot%20studio/v4.2.20/setup.exe
  12. Anyone have link to download ubot 4? Thanks
  13. *Try the ui html panel javascript method as posted here: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/16532-free-tutorial-schedule-batch-onload/ This helped solved some of my onload problems.
  14. *I am new to the world of API and am not an expert in programming in general. I am looking to sell a few bots at warriorplus and jvzoo. I was looking through API from warriorplus and their documentation seems so straightforward and easy to comprehend: https://warriorplus.com/api/docs/ I can easily request via URL with parameters like this and view products that a customer have purchased from me. I just need to input the customer email and my api key https://warriorplus.com/api/v2/sales/?email=CUSTOMER_EMAIL&apiKey=MYAPIKEY Now at JVZOO API documentation: https://api.jvzoo.com/docs/ver
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