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  1. Hi, I've been selling ubot programs and one of the biggest problem is the annoying browser.exe crashes. This occurs quite frequently especially with multi-threading. I've created a simple little bot in Win Automation that will close any browser.exe crashes. Every 60 seconds, this bot will scan your windows list and if browser.exe crashes window is found, it will close ALL of the error browser windows down at the same time. Closing these crashed windows will not affect your UBOT, so no worries. This bot runs using only 15mb memory and can work alongside multiple ubot programs at once. I
  2. Hello, Whenever I try to login to gmail it gives me an following error: This is not working for me. I have seen the bug department and i do not think any one is working on it. It has been more than 2 months. Please any one can help me regarding this.
  3. Hey Folks, When I perform a google search within the uBot browser (user agent set to Chrome) I get very different result than when I preform the identical search in the desktop version of Chrome. In particular, I don't see the same (and as many) AdWords ads in the uBot browser - and that is what I am targeting. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ed
  4. Hello i have this issue that i never had before. Its either the website txt.bell.ca or google recaptcha recognising ubot browser. I tried everything Heres a video to let you understand better. I will pay 200$ if someone can find the issue Questions are welcome. If you found whats wrong, i will require a video before I pay. Thank you https://youtu.be/Jo8l5CqsLz4
  5. In ubot X, in external browser with chrome, how can i scroll to bottom of the page to load more result? i tried run javascript., but not working
  6. i try to open two twitter account but when i make new browser it disappear and this my command for it :- ui text box("uesr1",#uesr1) ui text box("password1",#passwor1) ui text box("status1",#status1) ui text box("uesr2",#uesr2) ui text box("password2",#password2) ui text box("status1",#status1) set user agent("Internet Explorer 6") navigate("https://mobile.twitter.com","Wait") type text(<email field>,#uesr1,"Standard") type text(<password field>,#passwor1,"Standard") in new browser { set user agent("Internet Explorer 6") navigate("https://mobile.twitter.co
  7. I was curious as I know that a few people who have Ubot are using the Chrome 49 browser, but has anyone found a way to deal with the memory issues and it perhaps stopping or browser failing at some point within the process. 99% of the time I just use the old Chrome 21 browser, but because of this project I need to use the Chrome 49 browser as the site that I'm building the bot around can tell the difference no matter what other user agent I try in the Chrome 21 browser (as I have tried about 200, and none seem to work). The only thing that works is Chrome 49 browser which is why I'm tryin
  8. When I compile my bot (which visits and scrapes a certain site) it works fine when the browser is visible, and even when the browser window is just a few pixels high, but if the bot is compiled with the browser hidden, then the bot fails. I would prefer the site not to be visible when the bot is run - are there any common solutions to this kind of problem? Thanks
  9. When Reading this Post http://network.ubotstudio.com/blog/headless-browsing-just-in-time-for-halloween/ It says that: "‘Headless’ browsing means that your bot doesn’t have a graphical interface. This makes it faster – if it’s connecting without rendering HTML and loading images, for example, it’ll speed things up as it’s moving along the web. While not loading images, Javascript, CSS, and Flash are features that UBot has had for a while, combining them into a single “headless” option for simplicity" So if all that headless browsing does is shutting down images,css,java and flash then w
  10. Are there any guides on getting dynamic CSS/elements in exbrowser plugin and in Ubot in general? I've been using Selenium and even IDE tends to give decent Xpaths. But ubot is lacking. Anyway, are there any methods you guys use that tend to be the most reliable? Or do you guys just use firepath and paste it in to Ubot?
  11. Hello Fellow Botters! Does anyone know, if it is possible to influence the CEF Browser Command Line Parameters, e.g. on startup of compiled bots? If you type this inside the URL bar of CEF Browser: chrome://version/ You will get something like this: CEF 3.2623.1401.gb90a3be Chromium 49.0.2623.110 OS Windows WebKit 537.36 JavaScript 4.9.385.33 Flash 11.2.999.999 User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/49.0.2623.110 Safari/537.36 Command Line "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\UBot Studio\Browser\5.9.50\UBotCefSharpBrowser.exe" --browser
  12. ok so i have been working on a youtube bot and im using multiple tabs, i have found that when i open a new tab it seems it opens it incognito, i am trying to perform multiple tasks at once in different tabs while staying logged into youtube but it makes me log in everytime. is there a way to stay logged in on all tabs? Also i find it does the same thing if im using threads (in new window). Perhaps it has something to do with the cookies?
  13. Hello everyone! ... I need something that was supposed to be simple. I have two web pages to run simultaneously, the first one I run with the command "navigate" this page is my load the page. while it is running, the second page is executing my script in "thread" -> "in browser share", however when this second page end to run, I would like her to take forward the browser. User without the need to click in the window that opens on the right side as we run the command "shared in browser". already I tried everything here with my knowledge ... hey staff of UBot was just having a command lik
  14. Hi i need clear memory of the applications automatically. I do not want plugin ! just i want surce or anything Except plugins.please
  15. is there a way to change the location of the browser? lets say i compile a bot and i want the browser in its own tab alone, or even have it on the right side and the buttons on the left or vise versa. or even if i want it to be a popup window? Is there a html code for this perhaps?
  16. why instagram show blank page in ubot browser http://prntscr.com/d97w0r
  17. In previous versions when you used a 'type text' to type text into the search bar in Amazon it used to show the Search Suggestions that Amazon would return in your regular browser. I use these Search Suggestions as part of my bot. When I say previous version I can only really comment on 5.5.13 which is on my laptop & the bot still shows the search suggestions. I would use the laptop but the performance is lacking & it keeps over-heating. If I click manually and type a space in the UBot version of the browser it shows the the Search Suggestions but not when I use the UBot Click comm
  18. Hey folks! I've been away for a while and I just upgraded to 5.9. I'm running windows 10 and I am looking for the location (folder) of the browser cache. Can anyone help? Thanks! Ed
  19. I was wondering how I could put user agents into a loop. If anyone can show me I would appreciate it.
  20. I am wondering how I can resize the browser to be a bit bigger. Anotherwards when using a ui text box or ui text block how can I resize it so that there is not so much wasted space. Thanks for any help on it.
  21. I have standard version so I am not sure if it is even possible but I was wondering if there is a way I can add firefox to my bots. Since firefox has some great add on's and extensions I would be able to make way better bots if I was able to add it on. I know there is a add on for sale here on ubot that adds that and other browsers too I think but right now I don't have the money to buy it. So I was wondering anyone knew how I could add it on myself. Thanks.
  22. Hi folks, does anyone know why the Chrome Browser always throws a WARNING "downloaded file is potientieally harmful" when: - downloading a compiled bot from an http ressource (download from a server or website)? - downloading a compiled installer .exe script from an http ressource (download from a server or website)? It looks like this: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-daarKD9UaMg/TZtdGDuxx3I/AAAAAAAC22k/4j6y3nM3MtE/s1600/warning.png I hope there is some kind of " work a round". Because it scares end users off to buy and use the software. Thanks for any backup on this.
  23. hello you can open two browsers without waiting hidden one ends the other one to run. example: in new browser { set visibility("Invisible") navigate("https://m.facebook.com/", "Wait") wait(90) } navigate("https://m.facebook.com/", "Wait") wait(90) I want Asher is the first browser without having to wait 90 seconds to run. 2 that run simultaneously.any way to dothanks something like this: plugin command("Advanced Shell.dll", "shell batch", "doon", "No")
  24. Hello. How I can make bot where browser is in right or left side of menu? Regards.
  25. Hello one and all Ok so ive been searching for an answer to this for a good week now, So here i am again looking for some pearls of wisdom from the experts I have recently finished a custom bot order, The bot is kind of a shell to run other bots, all is working perfect except for this one problem, The bot has to open a page, wait for a timer, and click an image, ... simple However, and here is the problem, 2 of the "bots" within the main bot "NEED" to be in the main browser, one is because of an issue previously discussed here but unable to find a solution, the one i am ha
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