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  1. I started having a weird issue with UbotLocker and I am out of ideas as of why this is taking place. A bot that was working just fine yesterday today started popping an error alert box See here https://goo.gl/DJKfXG The only way the bot works now is if I run as an administrator but that causes an issue as the bot is coded to auto restart every hour so when the auto restart happens it does not runs as an administrator. Does anybody knows why is this error happening and how can I resolve it?
  2. ohh so that is why only Chrome 21 works and nobody is able to use Chrome 39. Thanks for the clarification Jason.
  3. Is there a reason why we got 2 browsers? One with some bugs and the other with different bugs. Why not focus on one browser that support all functions? I got bots that work on Chrome 21 but not 39 and viceversa. Is a nightamre trying to figure out what works on what to determinde which browser version is best to use. What is the logic behind 2? If somebody can shed some light it would be amazing.
  4. humm but doesnt that then defeat the purpose of being headless? If they say that headless browser is the equavalent on turning all that off well if you do "allow yes" to all after the fact, doesnt make the headless browser setting pointless? It would be the equivalent of just setting visibility as invisible. How does it help my bots in terms of performance?
  5. When Reading this Post http://network.ubotstudio.com/blog/headless-browsing-just-in-time-for-halloween/ It says that: "‘Headless’ browsing means that your bot doesn’t have a graphical interface. This makes it faster – if it’s connecting without rendering HTML and loading images, for example, it’ll speed things up as it’s moving along the web. While not loading images, Javascript, CSS, and Flash are features that UBot has had for a while, combining them into a single “headless” option for simplicity" So if all that headless browsing does is shutting down images,css,java and flash then w
  6. I sent you via skype a video that shows the issue in action
  7. Ok here is somethign werid that is happening to me with this plugin. In a nutshell I cant get the plugin to start loop 2 it just runs loop 1 For example I hit run and loop one starts. All comands within the define run perfect and the thread closes, but instead of starting the next thread/loop it simply doesn't That never happens I tried on Ubot 4, 5.7.1 and 5.8.5 and the exact same sitiation happens. I also tried both ways advanced and normal and the second loop never starts. Does somebody has a clue why this may happen?
  8. Just ot be sure before I pull the trigger. Does this plugin works with Ubot 5.7.1?
  9. yeah the remove item from list is what I am looking to do so I can use the data correctly that way I can always use large list item position 0 once I am done using it I just remove it from the list and save the file. Doing that when ubot crashes ( as usual) you end up with a file that you cna use to pick up from where it left off. I hope I am making sense.
  10. Also is there a way to save large list to file? UPDATE: Never mind I figured out how to save it using the save to file command and the return large list function
  11. Is there a way to Remove Item from Large list or Next Large List Item? Similar to the ones already integrated on ubot normal list?
  12. thanks blumi40 it looks like that will do the trick
  13. So I guess nobody knows how to achieve this?
  14. Hey guys, First I need to be able to navigate to an URL without using the Navigate Command. The reason is simple. The Built in Ubot Navigate Command is getting stuck sometimes not allowing the software to move forward. Yes I already treid setting it up to "Don't Wait" but still no luck. I have also tried navigating using Java Script like this javascript("window.location.href=(\"http://google.com\");") javascript("window.location.replace(\"http://google.com\");") Those commands work fine but if I try to set the User Agent before running those commands then instead of navigating the br
  15. Advanced Ubot takes over my keyboard making it impossible to work with. Does somebody knows how to keep that from happening? I am using uBot 5
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