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  1. Well LearnUbot.com no longer works, but if anyone would like to buy it let me know.
  2. Scrape Chosen Table Using SQL Queries to Execute Commands Create Awesome Result Pages Cleaning Scraped Data For Evaluation How to Shuffle a List Javascript Math for Loop Cycles List Tutorial 1 phpMyAdmin Condensing IF THEN Statements UI HTML Panel Stat Monitor Try These
  3. You can set the wait to timeout in x seconds at which time it will continue executing commands.
  4. No issues on Win8.1 here either...
  5. You can simply add a "wait for element" after the click and use "You were credited by *"
  6. Well technically, with the new api, .NET has everything to do with UBot...
  7. lol...made it through the storm without issue...other than that I am always lurking!
  8. I can't remember exactly what I did way back, but I believe I used url's instead of clicking buttons to navigate to the inbox, etc...
  9. I guess the simplest workaround would be to use a different free service...or forward the emails. I wouldn't imagine that Yahoo is so spectacular that you (or anyone) would actually want to pay for it.
  10. Yeah, this is definitely a very nice addition!
  11. lol...well I'm pretty sure you will not be able to purchase white label software products anywhere under a standard license.
  12. You can remove that in the developer's version.
  13. I would scrape the user id's first and THEN scrape the urls
  14. If this storm doesn't take out my power I am planning on going through all the pre-coded sites for their periodic maintenance. If you know specifically of anything not working post it here, or skype one of us and it will get fixed immediately.
  15. How are you creating the list? Are you using add list to list? If you are using add item to list it may be treating your entire list as a single item.
  16. Hey guys, and thanks for the kind words! I am ok. I have been a little under the weather over the past few weeks but still hanging around. Feel free to hit me up anytime! John
  17. I have a video on this: http://learnubot.com/version35/ubot-tutorial-v4-javascript-calculate-loop-cycles/ John
  18. There are a few major enhancements: 1) Attributes are acquired a lot faster now, and you no longer need to choose between names and id's as they are all listed at once.(and categorized by type) 2) You can now click on an element in the browser and it highlights the appropriate attribute in the list, so there is no guessing 3) It now supports text areas, and more elements will be added It is overall much faster and much more efficient. In addition to that we have added some more pre-coded stuff On a side note: The cost to upgrade is a one time upgrade. You will be provided w
  19. Here's the beauty. You are not required to pay another dime. We created a much better product after a year, which we could not have possibly known about a year ago, and it had a lot of associated costs. If you do not want the new generation of the software don't buy it. You still get to keep and use your version as always. You can argue all you want about how bad it sucks, etc, but it was neither planned or foreseen, and again, you are under NO obligation to purchase it. So let me touch on the other arguments made here in this discussion. By all means, go out and hire someone to crea
  20. loop while($comparison(1, "=", 1)) { comment("Do Stuff") }
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