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  1. Anyone still around these parts these days?
  2. Hi Guys & Gals, Been a while since I've been around these parts, as I stopped using Ubot for HEAVY lifting. However, I still use it VERY frequently to help business automate daily activities. I'm getting back into with the release of Ubot X, but want to dip my toes in before converting anything over. We all know how well the last updates have solved the advanced users problems (Sarcasm). What I'm currently needing is a way to modify a good open source CRM to work with UBOT. So when a task is fired in the CRM, I can have it make UBOT perform a certain command. Looked at buildi
  3. Hey Guys, Been a long time since I've been around these forums Got tired of having to find work arounds for complex things, and have just been using the original programs I created after buying ubot. Recently, I've seen the info regarding Ubot X... My question is this: Is it finally worth it to pay for updates? Looking for opinions of advanced ubot users who will remember the issues we all face... Thanks guys, Justin
  4. Would love a free credit to try out your service
  5. Absolutely one of the best plugins I have bought hands down. I don't code anything inside ubots browser anymore unless it is just a quick and easy job and I need it done very quick.
  6. This can be done with the http plugin using the api calls. Pretty easy once your familiar with the http pluin and api calls. Have it integrated into quite a few of my personal bots. But it can be a real pain with all the checks you have do to for a working number, then to get the proper verification code. You have to code in a lot of redundencys to check over and over and then exit and mark as a bad number after a certain number of tries. Hope that helps.
  7. Yep. For about the last 4-6 hours now...
  8. I can't even open up ubot right now due to bad gateway 502 error.
  9. Still happening for me. Bot was working fine with the exbrowser commands. Now I am having to recode it all into the internal browser. The site is Fiverr that it's stopped working on. Can't really explain it. It was working, then next day it just wasn't.
  10. Anybody else notice that nothing seems to be working after launching a browser. When I switch tabs and try to do anything it seems to be crashing the google chrome browser. Anybody else? Just stopped working suddenly in all of my bots using chrome. Literally nothing else has changed. It just stopped
  11. Hi, I have a platinum lifetime version and I'm wondering if you will ever remove the limitation of only being able to add 10 campaigns at a time. Also, if you will remove the limitation of adding being able to add 10k links per campaign. Thanks, Justin
  12. Really nice share! I've been searching for this on G for a while now, and finally found it here of all places Now can anybody help me resize all of these to 250 x 250 without having to use a 3rd party site like online-image-editor.com?
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