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  1. Pash... Send an old associate a PM...
  2. I created some code for this, I use this method for super fast wait delays, the delay only waits until the text "Most recent" is displayed on the page. you can change it to any target text on your page of course. I use this as my default wait delay and it works perfect every time. Hope this helps. The delay has a default timeout of 10 seconds if($not($contains($plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Document Text"),"Most recent"))) { comment("wait with wait loop breakout") then { set(#wait_breakout,0,"Global") set(#wait_trigger,0,"Global") loop while($com
  3. Thanks TJ, glad you like it. This is really great for catching errors before your clients even have a change to report them.
  4. Hey everyone, it's been awhile scene I have been active, So I though I would come back and share something great. Ive seen through the forum that some people are wondering how "In App Tracking works" and how to do this with ubot. So I put together a few cool commands using some tools that most everyone here should already have and can install for free. To use this tutorial you will need aymens HTTP plugin, Matomo analytics (formally piwik) and a hosting account that has a Softaculous installer. If you don't have a hosting account that hosts Softaculous you can download and install Matomo ana
  5. Glad you enjoy it, best of luck with you ubotbotting
  6. Did you get this fixed? Are you using CTRL + S to save the file or Save As....?
  7. They stay running on my windows 10 all the time, you can see browsers that are left running and drivers when the bot gets closed, and sometimes the browser dose not close when a bot is closed so this kills them. I use this because clients ask me why browsers are still running, so they think there is something meticulous happening in thous browsers, for me this is very necessary. Such a command would be great. Chrome tries to be tricky and name there browser "LIKE" different names to confuse kill processes such as this. "LIKE" different names: chrome Chrome Google Chrome
  8. Hello everyone, if your using the ExBrowser then you may have noticed that from time to time the Selenium drive can hang and stay running on your system, Chrome can do the same thing. The clean up commands don't always work, so I came up with this code to ensure that every time you close your bot thous processes get killed no matter what. If your like me and have a tone of money invested into plugin you can run this code, the plugins used in the code are as follows below. ->> Hope this helps.... Bigtable.dll ->> http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/16308-free-plugi
  9. Hope this helps. set(#infinite_loop,0,"Global") set(#val,0,"Global") loop while($comparison(#infinite_loop,"= Equals",0)) { YourCodeSystem(#RunSystemCode) } define YourCodeSystem(#RunSystemCode) { increment(#val) wait(0.01) if($comparison(#val,"= Equals",100)) { then { set(#infinite_loop,1,"Global") } } }
  10. I prefer Ex-browser, but Http Post is good as well, it just takes a lot more time and experience to get it going.
  11. When using the large data plugin I have scraped over 1,000,000 give it a try that's all I can say.
  12. Have you tried using this plugin? http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/16308-free-plugin-large-data/ You can also take a look at this plugin as well: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/13088-ubot-xml-plugin-ubot-discount/ You can also scrape the data to a file and append a number to the file and clear the list from within ubot. Then load the files back in as needed.
  13. XPath is now my go to, and its really hard for sites to stop you from doing anything. There are some really great resources here on the forum that can really help you get really in depth with Xpath. Its truly is the best for botting.
  14. Hello meter, I see there has been a new release. I just sent you a PM with My PayPal to get the update. Thank you.
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