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  1. Images would be a terrific feature. Is it still being considered?
  2. Nice! Forgot all about that. Thanks again pash.
  3. I am attempting to upload images to this site, but alas, no luck: http://www.usedokanagan.com/FormInsertUsedAdNew?selected_category_code=house-for-sale Anyone got any tricks for that? Don't want to use the win automation commands. Thanks.
  4. Nice! Three cheers for pash. Hip, Hip, Horray! Hip, Hip Horray!, Hip Hip Horray!
  5. When you click on the login button (either facebook or google) here http://www.ovlix.com/ca/login you get a pop-up but you can't see what is in it. I tried the command "allow popups (in new window)" with no luck. See vid: http://screencast.com/t/j6Ivoymbglaz Any ideas?
  6. well actually you can. the problem is that the Advanced Element Editor doesn't see what is in the popup so you can't choose the elments that way. To get around this I just viewed the elements on firefox and created the appropriate code.
  7. I am out of practice and forgot how to click on elements ect... when they open in a pop-up (When you use allow pop-ups in another window).
  8. Unfortunately no. My hardrive shorted out and I lost all my data. If you are interested in creating a chatbot Microsoft Agent is super cool https://www.microsof...agent/main.aspx . A good book on the subject is Virtual Humans by Peter Plantec. It is lots of fun building these. The whole process is surprisingly easy - even if you have no programming skills.
  9. I fully agree. "It has been my experience that all the good applications have benefited from a vocal and demanding user group and by the manufacture appreciating that passion they too have benefited from some critical but supportive users"
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