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  1. Hey Jack, Little late on the reply, but I do hope that you've kept yourself going Jack. I can tell you that programming in ubot and building apps not only supplemented my income in a big way but also changed my career direction. I now not only use ubot but program a lot in c#. Lovin it. Frank
  2. I've switched over to exbrowser to cover the issues. Even that isn't a perfect solution but web automation isn't a perfect world.
  3. I too have done very well. Very close to $1million in bot sales. If I incorporate everything I may have broken over that $1million mark but alias the bills at it up on me Frank
  4. Florin, If you are serious, getting a part time job to pay for a license is the ticket. I've never regretted getting a dev license. Made back easily 400 times what I've paid for it. Frank
  5. My programs run 100's of variables as well and the real trick is to use the function of local variables in ubot. This will elevated a lot of pain. A bit trickier to develop but build your programs functionality into modules and create tests to test them and you should be golden. Frank
  6. Thanks to whomever gave the box a kick - all seems to be well again!
  7. You are probably going to have to ask the folks who support the exbrowser plugin as it's beyond ubot. Frank
  8. Hey all, Is it just me or are you finding that compile times for ubot bots is very slow? Used to be under a minute but now it's close to 10 mins. Frank
  9. The big caution I offer is be careful when initiating threads. Knowing what I know in C# and threading, you can run into real issues if you create thousands of threads. Frank
  10. Well, I finally, after months, figured out why the new browser is slow. Turns out that anyone running Windows Defender will be impacted greatly by impacted by it. You will need to add in an exception for the ubot studio directory in the appsdata folder and it fixes the issue.
  11. Has there been any progress on tightening up version 49 of the browser? Frank
  12. But TJ - the sky is falling the sky is falling. Actually I didn't even notice that. Frank
  13. Hey all, I've got literally 1 user who tries to use the app created with ubot and it keeps just shutting itself down. The problem seems to have started with version .43 and persists. What can I do to help this person resolve the issue? I've already checked things like antirivirus, troubles with the operating system. What else or is there a way to put in logging? Frank
  14. From experience, I can argue that protecting one's code is a good thing. Yes, all code is hackable but the whole point here is like putting a lock on your door to your house. Why? It won't stop someone who truly wants to break in. BUT it's there to keep the honest people honest. I've sold bots that were unprotected and bots that are and I make way, way more on protected bots. Is it a pain in my butt - yep it is, but again it makes a difference. And I've got to stand up for the dev's here too. There is no way to make code completely unhackable. I wish there was because it would make my day.
  15. Got everything to do with antivirus seeing the ubot studio support files as a virus. The only fix I have for my customer base at the moment is to have them exclude the folder %appdata%/Ubot Studio.
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