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  1. yes, just scrape the objects which appear when you scroll and compare list size before scroll and after scroll - if after the scroll and scrape you have same list, then no new items appear after the scroll so no point to scroll again.
  2. general tips: 1. change useragent to real browsers useragent 2. use proxies 3. use real browser (Exbrowser or similar) 4. try to scrape without browser using http requests or sockets 5. save cookies and use them in your sessions. Re-captcha can be solved by ubot automatically with services like 2captcha.com - search forum there are many solutions and plugins for that
  3. yes, that is what I think to do also. the only issue is coding ui, which is very easy with ubot and little bit tricky in python even with PAGE. the other issue is exe compilation (can be done with pyinstaller) and basic protection to prevent pirating your software. I'm using ubot 5 and most of the new websites don't even work in internal browser and upgrading to ubot 6 is not an option - too much bugs. note that your exe compiled with pyinstaller will still trigger false positive alerts in windows defender and such
  4. yes I've developed one, but I cannot share - there is exact tutorial on 2captcha.com what needs to be done to solve it. https://2captcha.com/2captcha-api#solving_recaptchav2_new
  5. https://wiki.ubotstudio.com/wiki/Set_Referrer
  6. yes. I've used the method described on 2captcha api page (with scraping data-s parameter) and it works fine (more than 80% success). https://2captcha.com/blog/update-google-recaptcha https://2captcha.com/2captcha-api#solving_recaptchav2_new https://captchaforum.com/threads/google-search-18th-of-may-2020.684/
  7. read this: https://2captcha.com/blog/update-google-recaptcha
  8. check windows defender and unlock the app if it was blocked by it
  9. this is what get request is sent when you search keywords there - you need to do the same: https://www.spyfu.com/keyword/overview?query=contractors%20Brown%20Island%20JAXyou need to url encode it
  10. code signing can resolve "unknown publisher" issue only - it can not resolve the case when ubot is identified as Trojan by anti-viruses because of browser download module.
  11. post your code - you probably have error in it
  12. here is code example set(#email and password,"dadaffsggd@gmail.com: 415423","Global") clear list(%temp) add list to list(%temp,$list from text(#email and password,": "),"Delete","Global") set(#email,$list item(%temp,0),"Global") set(#password,$list item(%temp,1),"Global")
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