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  1. I started with the community edition, but I now have developer edition and have the same issues....I can get it to work, but....it's kind of janky Yes, I'm experienced with HTML, CSS, etc...just was curious if other users have any issues, or have purchased after market items, etc.... Thanks!
  2. I am editing my UI, and I'm seeing a problem where if I double click in an empty area of the UI, everything on the current UI disappears - textboxes, panels, labels, etc. I'm left with a blank UI....? I had to edit this post....I am finding the UI Editor unbearable to use. Is it just me, or is it chock full of bugs? I change an ID of a textbox and it doesn't stick, while others do. Double clicking as mentioned above. The scrollable sections don't scroll with the mouse roller (not really a bug, but jeez). Lining things up don't always work as expected... Wow...this is disappointing. I recal
  3. I got it...after I fixed it, it was then getting a timeout error, which was due to my local firewall blocking it....now resolved - thanks!
  4. I've tried everything - different mail servers, etc....as soon as the script hits the "connect to mail server" portion, it gives a script error: Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. What should I do? Thanks
  5. So I'm new to UBot, but I am learning with the tutorials and trial and error. I went through the Google scraping video tutorial (which is very old) and obviously Google is not the same.... The video is using the class within the A tag to scrape the URLS....Google no longer has a class within the A tag.... I've been able to easily scrape Bing by grabbing the innertext of the "cite" tags. Google however, is formatted like this: <a href="https://theURLweWant.com/terms-of-service"ping="/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://theURLweWant.com/terms-of-service&ved=2ahUKEwi1h
  6. I guess you don't understand my question. I appreciate your reply, and again, my script works...I just don't understand why. I guess once you set a UI Stat, it just updates throughout your script..
  7. Sorry, I forgot to attach the image (It's attached now) - yes, I see it goes on top, but again, this doesn't make sense to me...if the script runs from the top to the bottom, the UI Stat Monitor runs before it enters the loop, therefore, it's weird that it updates while the loop is running. clear list(%newlist) add list to list(%newlist,$list from file("C:\\Users\\David\\Desktop\\daves.txt"),"Delete","Global") ui stat monitor("Stat:","{$list position(%newlist)} of {$list total(%newlist)}") loop($list total(%newlist)) { alert($next list item(%newlist)) }
  8. I need some clarification.... Please see *working* attached script. The intention is to loop through the list, and display "Stat: 1 of 5"...."Stat: 2 of 5", etc.... The UI Stat Monitor is placed BEFORE the Loop node (as I learned in the tutorial)....and this works.... However, since the UI Stat Monitor is BEFORE the loop node, I would not expect this to work....I would think the US Stat Monitor would need to be INSIDE the loop node... Why does it work this way - how does this flow???? Doesn't make sense to me.....? Can someone explain please? Thank you
  9. Perhaps I'm missing something (very possible), but wouldn't it be useful to have a compiled bot just run when launched, and not have to manually click the run button? That way you could use windows scheduler to launch the exe at specific times and it would just run. It would also then be useful to be able to auto-close the bot window.... Thoughts?
  10. I know there is a sticky topic on this....but the last post is from early 2019... Just having UBOT DEV installed on my laptop causes McAfee to block it. So this begs the question, will it block a compiled BOT? I'm guessing yes....haven't gotten there yet to see. If that's the case, how in the world could you sell a bot you create if you have to have all your customers whitelist something, or do anything with their anti-virus. This seems to me this should have been resolved years ago....but I'm still exploring (new user) so I'm trying to be hopeful. Thanks!
  11. Thanks - I guess I'm struggling to understand if I navigate to a search engine, and type text command "search term {enter}" it only types the text. If I use two type text commands, one with "search term" and the next with "{enter}" it works as expected.....I would think "search term {enter}" should do the same thing?
  12. Is there a way to "send" a keystroke to the browser? For instance, send a RETURN keystroke, or a TAB....? (Not to type into a texbox)
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