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  1. Ubot 6.3.9 is unstable at the moment, you can downgrade to version 5.9.55.
  2. Ubot built in browser is pretty old. It keep crashing on twitter.
  3. add your value (0.22) to the list, sort the list, find index position value from list. set(#target,0.22,"Global") clear list(%source) add list to list(%source,$list from text("0.38 0.33 0.30 0.25 0.20 0.17 0.12"," "),"Delete","Global") add item to list(%source,#target,"Delete","Global") clear list(%sorted) add list to list(%sorted,$list from text($sort list(%source,"Ascending")," "),"Delete","Global") set(#position,0,"Global") loop while($comparison(#target,"!= Does not equal",$list item(%sorted,#position))) { increment(#position) } alert("value under target price : {$list item(%sorted
  4. You should use add list to list not add item to list. %businessnames already using add list to list, but the other lists are still using add item to list.
  5. I've tried on exbrowser and external browser ubot 6, both worked.
  6. Have you tried using exbrowser plugin or external browser on ubot 6 ?
  7. when you run the bot, close the csv file.
  8. I've tried it too, and its worked. Remember that your desired keywords is case sensitive. Try use Owner, not owner.
  9. Your if condition is wrong. Try this : clear table(&data) ui open file("Load CSV",#data) create table from file(#data,&data) ui drop down("Column to Check","0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26",#columnToCheck) ui block text("Desired Keywords",#desiredKeywords) set(#row,1,"Global") loop(5) { if($contains($table cell(&data,#row,#columnToCheck),#desiredKeywords)) { then { alert("Found") } else { alert("Not Found") } } increment(#row) }
  10. Its not direct link download, you must through login process to get cookie, and then download the file. send POST request to : and then you can download the file
  11. i suggest to clear all ubot installation and reinstall, Make sure Net Framework and Microsoft Visual C++ installed correctly. And you need fast internet connection on first launch ubot.
  12. You can try on another machine and compare the results. To find the problem is your system or uBot.
  13. check this video from Seth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KREUMpFYfCY
  14. i use this site and worked https://www.whatismybrowser.com/detect/what-http-headers-is-my-browser-sending i tried _https://whatismyreferer.com/ not working. edit: try use this : set header("Referer","https://www.dogs.com") navigate("https://whatismyreferer.com/","Wait") i just tried it and it worked
  15. plugin command("Bigtable.dll", "large List from text", "test", $scrape attribute(<tagname="a">,"href"), " ", "replace") alert($plugin function("Bigtable.dll", "Large list return", "test"))
  16. i'd tried your updated code, and its work fine. Copy paste on node view and code view, both work fine.
  17. Your first set command is wrong. Use this. set(#LoginStatus,"Logging in","Global")
  18. Hi, How do we get password value from passwordBox in XAML UI plugin ? TextBox are working fine, but passwordBox not work.
  19. Hi you can use this code to click Like comment button on youtube The number inside bracket [3] is show the sequence of the comment, for comment no 1 you use [1]. plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Click", "x:(//ytd-toggle-button-renderer[@id=\'like-button\']/a/*/button[contains(@aria-label,\'like this comment\')])[3]")
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