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  1. I just updated Ubot 5 to Ubot 6, and i ha to remove the apichai table from excel for a incompatibility, but then, when i try to use the create table from excel (from .xls file) command that is in the bot bank i get this error: conversion from type 'Utable' from type 'bolean' is not valid.
  2. I have seen the exbrowser sales page, but i did not find how to get an xbrowser test licence, I would like to avoid to pay a full year in advance before knowing if it works for my purpose.
  3. I think that here the problem is that the plugin doesn't even allow me to add items to a large list.
  4. Finally i think i decided to use sqlite for a list of about one million usernames. i downloaded the sql browser, i made a database file, i connected to it (i think), but now i have to add the querries. can i insert a whole pink %list onto the database i'm connected with? And then how i connect with the item in the row number 345000 to use it back in ubot as a parameter? how do i display in the ui stat monitor how many items are there in the database?
  5. Actually i cannot add nothing to a large list, i do not know if it is a plugin error.
  6. I already installed the plugin and seems to work, but when i try to add scraped content to a lage list using page scrape it gives me a plugin error that sais that the command is not in the dictionary. How do i scrape content in a page to add to a large list?
  7. I need to work with large lists with 1000000 entries or so, but the large data plugin seems to be gone as download link does not work, how do i do it instead?
  8. I found a tournabout to my issue, i scrape an url like that: https://ci.mydomain.com/m=eGJF8f/media/videos/201401/08/639987/original/12.jpgBut i do not know howis the code to scrape the 639987 from this url.as the numbers change in every page, what it seems that there is always a two digit number between slashes before, and a slash after.
  9. I tried this but the bot crashes when trying to gather [kenplayer]https://www.websiteurl.com/3456782[/kenplayer] , How do i use regex to directly scrape the url that is between [kenplayer] and [/kenplayer] ? I tried page scrape, but when scrapingh this thing, the bot crashes.
  10. When i try to scrape an url between these 2 shortcodes using page scrape it gives me an error after some times, i guess it's because the ubot converts those 2 shortcodesinto a math function. the url appears like that in the page: [kenplayer]https://www.websiteurl.com/3456782[/kenplayer]What code should i use to scrape the url, or the number after the url at least? are the regex codes put directly in the ubot editor, or i have to download a plugin?
  11. I have ubot studio 5.9.43, is there a free plugin to create video thumbnails i could use. I need to create thumbnails whose videos come from a different place than youtube.
  12. I have an xhamster.com robot I made from a friend and i get the following issue after sending 4 messages or so: Thats a captcha 2, that i try to selve it with ultimate captcha but it does not allow me to click the send button to bypass the captcha. I already tried 2 scripts to try to unblock the button but the page seems to not react at all. I think that maibe it's because it's in ajax. Any clue?
  13. update: It seems they used a tutoruial like that to block the button: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30018213/recaptcha-2-0-enable-submit-button-on-callback-if-recaptcha-successful i tried to run this javascript code: function enableBtn(){ document.getElementById("button1").disabled = false; } but it did not make a change, may it be the javascripts are not working?
  14. I try to send a message to a website using ubot, but then appears a captcha like this, i try to solve it with the ultimate captcha plugin, that fills letters in a rtextbox that appears under the captcha, and then clicking the submit button should be enough to bipass. The problem is that the button appears blocked like in this screenshot (solving the captcha manually would unblock the field, after a green thick appears in the captcha box) what should i do to bipass that? i tried to scrape the code of the send button. This is the code in the are around this button: <innerhtml=w" <inp
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