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  1. Hi Developers, Abbas today released a great new plugin NoCaptcha/Recaptcha Plugin.It was cool & it solves both New Google Image Tile Captcha,Text Captcha. where manually i have to all this job to solve the Google Recaptcha/NoCaptha Save the Image Reduce the Image Size Send it to Captcha Service Receive Response Add it to List Sort it out. But NoCaptcha/Recaptcha Does All This Job.Moreover Iam getting better success rate with DBC like never before. I want to say Thanks to Abbas for developing a Great Plugin,You Plugin Saves Tons of Coding Time. God Bless You
  2. i am stuck with a login page that need to solve recaptcha & enable login button to access. https://www.adultlook.com/a/login I am able to show the recaptcha answer box and i try run javascript, but it do not work the login button do not enable... anyone can help? http://7url.com/image/javascript.png i found that i need to remove the attribute "disabled" to enable the login button, but how to remove an attribute in ubot?
  3. Hi Everyone, I have problem with solving recapthca v2 (i think it's invisible one), becuse there is no "i am not robot" checkboxi have script that works for invisible recaptcha demo page, but not when i try on the real case, i have still problem. I am creating bot for URL inspection and request indexing from google search console (https://search.google.com/search-console/about) my progres so far, I found the googlekey and using 2captcha key to solve the recaptcha, n i have receive response from 2captcha i think my problem is i could not find the callback function, so i cannot execute the
  4. Hello i have this issue that i never had before. Its either the website txt.bell.ca or google recaptcha recognising ubot browser. I tried everything Heres a video to let you understand better. I will pay 200$ if someone can find the issue Questions are welcome. If you found whats wrong, i will require a video before I pay. Thank you https://youtu.be/Jo8l5CqsLz4
  5. WebSite: https://signup.mail.com/#.7518-header-signup2-1 I reference video Just like follow link: https://www.screenca...om/t/2d0Xzb2BaH set(#ApiKey,"XXXXXXafab534ba50e40XXXXXXX","Global") click(<class="recaptcha-checkbox-checkmark">,"Left Click","No") wait(10) set(#text,$plugin function("UltimateCaptchaServices.dll", "$2Captcha Service", #ApiKey, "", "", "", "", "Solve Captcha", "Recaptcha-NoCaptcha", "", "Yes", "No"),"Global") But what is the problem with no response? Please Help Me, thank you!
  6. hello can someone help me implement this code within ubot to solve recaptca v3 heres the API https://anticaptcha.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/API/pages/5079073/createTask+captcha+task+creating thank you for your help
  7. Hello I am working on a Google My Business Bot and got into an issue. I am using ultimate captcha between. Everything is working, i mean raw captcha has been identified and googlesitekey too, but it is not solving captcha. It remains the same. I am using 2captcha service paired up with the bot I have been trying it all day, please can anbody could help. Here is the code that i used for the captcha: set(#GoogleSiteKey,$scrape attribute(<class="g-recaptcha">,"data-sitekey"),"Global")change attribute(<id="g-recaptcha-response">,"style",$replace($scrape attribute(<id="g-recapt
  8. hi, i want to create mail ru bot. iit works fine on registration page. but the problem after i click sign up button and it is redirected to verification page at https://account.mail.ru/signup/verify. i can not find the callback function or code. when i scrape the inner html of recaptcha form , i still can not find the call back function. if i click the continue button, then it will back to verification page again. is there any advice how to scrape callback function? i try document.getElementById("continue").click(); , but it is also failed. <form class="b-form b-form_responsive b-form_pop
  9. I am using pash Advanced Captcha plugin trying to solve invisible recaptcha with 2captcha service. it is working fine on the recaptcha demo form, but i have spent whole day try on a live website with no luck... please help if you have experience with this type of recaptcha, thanks comment("advanced captcha") navigate("https://www.domain.com/register","Wait") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") wait(1) set(#fname,"jason","Global") set(#lname,"jones","Global") type text(<full name field>,#fname,"Standard") type text(<email field>,"{#fname}{#lname}{$rand(111,99
  10. Hey guys! So im new here and need some help. If you try to log in on twitch, you will need to solve recaptcha before loggin in. Can someone please teach me how to do it. I wanna use it with 2captcha. I tried looking at the API Page but i still dont know how to do it in uBot. I hope somebody could help me out with the code. Thank you so much!
  11. Hello im offering $50 to anyone who can figure out the javascript callback function for a particular website recaptcha. I will send upon completion or video, ubot code must be delivered. Message me for website url. You must use exbrowser with chrome user agent. Bitcoin or paypal. Please message me for perticular webiste. I posted here cause freelance network never gets bids.
  12. Guys i am having a strange problem i got the Plugin from Abbas but for the life of me i can't seem to figure out how to make it work... i tried all of his examples and nothing works if someone could help me i would greatly appreciate it i just need normal working code so i can apply that knowledge to my other projects... comment("Enter Your 2Captcha Key, before runing the script") set(#ApiKey,"Your 2Captcha ApiKey","Global") comment("https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/demo") set user agent("Chrome") navigate("https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/demo","Wait") wait for browser event("Eve
  13. Getting an error in web console "VM228 about:blank:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'l' of undefined" When running run javascript("___grecaptcha_cfg.clients[0].aa.l.callback('{#callback}');") It worked just fine all morning and suddenly started giving this with NO CHANGES. If someone can please advise.
  14. Hi, I Downloaded and installed ReCaptcha V3 PlugIn and made all good (I think) But always when I'm changing recaptcha-token and clicking confirm it says that captcha is bad. Using 2captcha. Page Source code: https://pastebin.com/tfT9Xzhw If someone can set up the code for this page offset or help me by discord or skype...
  15. Hi Everyone, I was hoping someone here might have some insight on the best way to solve Google's Recaptcha Checkboxes. These are the checkboxes that appear on most forms today. I need to solve this checkbox but I don't know the best way to do so. I used to use the following plugin to solve them: NoCaptcha reCaptcha Plugin - Ultimate Captcha But that method stopped working due to an update error. I am reaching out to Abba (the guy that made the plugin) but I was hoping for a more immediate solution. I'm sure this problem is fairly common so I was hoping one of you guys could let me know what
  16. Hi everyone! When I'm solving reCAPTCHA inside the compiled exe, its very slow and laggy. Anyway to solve this?
  17. Hi guys, First of all, we have the cheapest rate in the market with recaptcha tokens solution. we have the best offers. we can share with all developers revenue from customers. if you are big developer we have better and the best offers for you. On the other hand, we have the best speed in the market and we can go down with our prices, if you would send more than 20k-50k recaptchas daily, we can offer better prices. http://www.imagetyperz.com/ Recaptchas price with tokens: $2,50 per 1000 recaptchas! 1. 10% developers fee. each developer can get 10% income from all incoming captchas via own
  18. feint

    Recaptcha V.2

    hi I've bought same captcha, with death by captcha. i now want to bot a registration form and it has a google captcha recaptche v.2 but when i run some sample code for the captcha solving, i can't go to node mode, its always saying that something is wrong Can u help me guys, with a easy sample code that will work
  19. I am using the recaptcha code from Abbas which works great. However, on some forms there is no submit button to click after the code solves the captcha. I have http post plugin. Does anybody know what code to use to submit the solved captcha after it has been solved when there is not submit button? I am using 2captcha. Maybe it could be done with javascript? Ideas? Thank you.very much
  20. Google got me today. It asks for a Recaptcha on every single Google search I do, why? It's only in Ubot. When I browse Google outside Ubot in my Firefox browser it works without captcha. What shall I do?
  21. Hi guys, We have started to solving recaptchas with cheaper rate and best time. Guys just ping me if someone will be interested in this.
  22. Hi guys, ImageTypers Have new method recaptcha solution with tokens including invisible recaptchas only for 2.5$!! We are ready to give gift codes everyone to test it. Thanks (so we are happy to get these promotions every month.) Reply to the thread to receive PM with the gift code. How tu use our DLL-s Download Plugin
  23. Everybody has the fear of the new google invisible recaptcha,but 2captcha is able to solve the recaptcha Invisible Captcha Demo Page https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/demo?invisible=true 2captcha Guide to Solve the New Invisible Recaptcha https://2captcha.com/2captcha-api#invisible
  24. Hello, I would like to know if anyone can help me with this to solve it by http http://prntscr.com/e1j0hf If someone is so kind to give a little of their knowledge to teach someone who does not know how to do it would be really grateful thanks you very much
  25. OCRMyCaptcha reCAPTCHA OCR that works! 85% Correctness Rate* 2 Seconds Response Time DeCaptcher HTTP API Support OCRMYCAPTCHA.COM It is the most accurate reCAPTCHA OCR rental service on the market. Need a super fast reCAPTCHA solving solution? You've come to the right place. Over the past few years we have built a system that's capable of cracking reCAPTCHAs within 1-2 seconds. Worried about your CAPTCHAs expiring? Relax, you can use our service whenever. Need CAPTCHA solving for an extended period of time? No problem, we pride ourselves for offering a cost-effective, most accurate
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