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  1. So far I have tried version 6 compiled bots on about 10 different vps computers. They will open up on about 3 of them. Does version 6. require more than 2 gigs of RAM? It seems like it is working on the bigger vps servers with lots of RAM but not on the 2 gig. Anybody have ideas?
  2. I am using version 6.18. My compiled bots work fine on my home Windows 10 Pro. When I put them on a Windows 10 VPS or a Windows 2019 Server the compiled bots will not launch. I have tried deleting the browser folder even the whole Ubot Studio folder and re-downloading the files. I have also tried copy and pasting the browser folders to the VPS. Sttil no go. If I run the bots compiled using version 4 they open up fine. The bots compiled using 6.18 DO work on some versions of windows server 2012. I also downloaded all the latest windows updates as suggested on other posts. Any ideas? Thank
  3. I am trying to compile using version 6 the latest. When I run the compiler I get this error Cannot find file C:\username\APPData\Local\Temp\tmpD7E5.tmp When I compile the same ubot file in version 4 it works but I get the above error message when compiling in 6.1.1 Anybody have any ideas? Thank you.
  4. Version 6 does not seem to be working. Numerous issues. It freezes up and stalls. Apparently I overwrote version 5 when I upgraded. How can I re-download version 5 and re-install it? I have the developer edition. Thank you.
  5. Wow that worked to get by the CSRF token error messaage. I did not know the encode email function I will have to read up on that. I am now getting another error message "too many automatic redirections were attempted" which is a completely separate issue. But your method worked to get by the issue I was having. Thank you!
  6. I am trying to log into this site using http post http://www.freeglobalclassifiedads.com/user/login Here is the code I have set(#freeglobalget, $plugin function("HTTP post.dll", "$http get", "http://www.freeglobalclassifiedads.com/user/login", "Mozilla", "http://www.freeglobalclassifiedads.com/user/login", "", ""), "Global") load html(#freeglobalget) set(#CSRFName, $find regular expression(#freeglobalget, "(?<=CSRFName\\\'\\ value\\=\\\').*(?=\\\'\\ \\/\\>)"), "Global") set(#CSRFToken, $find regular expression(#freeglobalget, "(?<=name\\=\\\'CSRFToken\\\'\\ value\\=
  7. That worked for the text I gave you however actually I need to extract from this text: <html><head></head><body><p>Hi Matt,</p><p>Please validate your registration by clicking on the following link: <a href="http://www.bestinjurylawyerusa.com/classifieds/user/activate/12/97OZ8FEq">http://www.bestinjurylawyerusa.com/classifieds/user/activate/12/97OZ8FEq</a></p><p>Thank you!</p><p>Regards,</p><p><a href="http://www.bestinjurylawyerusa.com/classifieds/">Bestinjurylawyerusa Free Classifieds</a>&l
  8. I am trying to get the url from this line in a table I have saved. Here is the line I want the url from: Please validate your registration by clicking on the following link: <a href=""http://www.bestinjurylawyerusa.com/classifieds/user/activate/11/Ha9XdOM8"">I want everything after : Please validate your registration by clicking on the following link: <a href="" and everything before: "" > To give me: http://www.bestinjurylawyerusa.com/classifieds/user/activate/11/Ha9XdOM8I used the Regex Builder 2.0 to get this regex code (?<=" >)(?=Please\ validate\ your\ registration
  9. Thank you. Your addition worked. However, I had given you the wrong information to make the regex code from. I got the info from the http headers but I really needed to get it from the html source code. So the code that worked for one of the variables ended up being. (?<=CSRFName\'\ value\=\').*(?=\'\ \/\>) Because I needed to take it from here: <input type='hidden' name='CSRFName' value='CSRF1103754532_1655122622' />Also, I sent you an email about your regex builder which I just bought. I noticed that there was not a place for "target" as in the videos. Is there another wa
  10. I am trying to do a http post to log into a site. Below is what I got from live http headers CSRFName=CSRF1103754532_791906178&CSRFToken=8687482b73766e6d88494351e4ee362f118d103d36d93e2855a79056449754f9f8ea5ebe9e96b4673bad22076774ec85d8c7d7f5b4c4cdd3bd577f2921ee7eab&page=login&action=login_post&email=info%40mydomain.com&password=password: undefined I need to be able to extract the CSRFName and the CSRFToken using regex and save it to a list. The part I am stuck on is extracting the CSRFName and CSRFToken in order to put those variables in the http post. I tried using
  11. I just purchased the software but in this version there is no input area for "target" like in the videos. Am I missing something? Also the top part of the program where you normally have file etc is not visible.
  12. I have ubotlocker. If I "upgrade" to this is this an actual upgrade to my current script or is it a completely new installation and I will have to somehow transfer my current client license activations to this new system? Also does this work on php 7? Thank you.
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