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  1. Hey there fellow UBotters, .. Im having a crisis and hoping that someone can shed some light on something for me What i am trying to do is so simple its annoying, .. I have a listbox in a UI HTML "Panel" which Im trying to make "Multi selection", now i am painfully aware that only 1 value can/will be passed via the UBot variable set within the listbox code, and indeed using javascript, a browser and "console.log()" have it exactly how i want it, .. perfect right ? ... NOPE I didnt think it would initially be a problem as i have used exactly the same process to extract/pass variab
  2. Hello all, I stumbled across a Javascript code last week which might help me in what I'm doing now, however, I have had hard times to use the same in bot I'm working with -- mainly because I had no experience with handling the Javascript code, except using simple JS code to scroll or refresh the page. I'm aware that I need to pass certain scraped parameters from the image I wish to apply JS on, but regardless of many attempts I couldn't get it done. I'm pasting the JS code and the code from the page which I'd like to run JS. // VERSION: 2.3 LAST UPDATE: 11.07.2013 /* * Licensed under the MI
  3. Hi! Attached is how to get cookies with the built in browser with UBot using JavaScript. Regards, Nick ubot browser grab cookies.ubot
  4. Hello im offering $50 to anyone who can figure out the javascript callback function for a particular website recaptcha. I will send upon completion or video, ubot code must be delivered. Message me for website url. You must use exbrowser with chrome user agent. Bitcoin or paypal. Please message me for perticular webiste. I posted here cause freelance network never gets bids.
  5. <script> var texts = { endChatConfirm: 'Really end chat?', Player: 'Player', me: 'Me', newMessage: 'New message', reportConfirm: 'Sure?' } </script> I am working on a page where it have the above javascript, when the bot try to navigate away or close the page, it will pop up a javascript confirmation (it require confirmation to run next action, closing the notification dont help).. even on chrome it will need you to confirm to leave. i have tried "allow pop up = No" but not working since it is a javascript. is it possible to use change attribute to remove thi
  6. Getting an error in web console "VM228 about:blank:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'l' of undefined" When running run javascript("___grecaptcha_cfg.clients[0].aa.l.callback('{#callback}');") It worked just fine all morning and suddenly started giving this with NO CHANGES. If someone can please advise.
  7. Here is my code set(#ApiKey,"2captcha api","Global") set user agent("Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/63.0.3239.84 Safari/537.36") wait(2) navigate("https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOhHO2ICt0ti9KAh-QHvttQ/about","Wait") wait for browser event("Page Loaded","") if($exists(<innertext="VIEW EMAIL ADDRESS">)) { then { click(<innertext="VIEW EMAIL ADDRESS ">,"Left Click","No") wait(1) wait for element(<class="recaptcha-checkbox-checkmark">,"","Appear") set(#GoogleSiteKey,$find regular expres
  8. I would like to check for expired domains on all these domains below. I have tried doing this with ScrapeBox Expired Domain Finder but ScrapeBox's support said because the page uses JavaScript ScrapeBox Expired Domain Finder can't do it. Can UBot Studio scrape JavaScript pages? If so which UBot version do I need? Thanks Allan https://www.truelocal.com.au/search/carpet-cleaning/1 https://www.truelocal.com.au/search/carpet-cleaning/2 https://www.truelocal.com.au/search/carpet-cleaning/3 https://www.truelocal.com.au/search/carpet-cleaning/4 https://www.truelocal.com.au/search/carpet-c
  9. Hi, I am facing a deep problem to uploading a file to the website which have javascript and drag and drop option, and i see that more than 80% websns ite have flash java script uploader and with drag and drop option , i have used chrome 21 as suggested by members and changes file field but it is not working and my problem remains same. I am stuck in to that my work is not further processing ,i am glad to see if any one respond me with solution . looking forward from elite members with proper solution i have changes code in advance element editor and tried all options like class, innertext ,i
  10. /thanks for you help with the other project but i have another question. this one have to do with javascript from the site scribed. i have everything done right up to the part where i have to click this button or drag the file in order for it to upload. once i get the pdf file, i can then upload it. but i cant get the buttom to get the file to click. i think it is javascript. here is the code that i have so far,any advice would be greatly appreciated. i just need to kknow how to work withth e javascript button to upload the file: here is the code: navigate("https://www.scribd.com/","Wait") c
  11. http://s4.img7.ir/KVBIs.jpg i us "focus" and run javascript("$(window).scrollTop($(\"*:contains(\'load more comments\'):last\").offset().top);") but not working !!!! test on this link : https://www.instagram.com/p/BQoP0Z_DzCW/
  12. Hi There, I'm trying to fire a UBot define after a user selects an item from a dynamically loaded dropdown in the HTML UI panel. I've tried setting the onchange event to call a Ubot define like so: <select variable="#itemToView" list="#itemDropdownList" list-fillwith="options" onchange="ubot.runScript('testLoader()')"></select> I've also tried setting it to call a javascript function onchange, which in turn calls the UBot define, but have the same issue with it firing as soon as the bot loads and populates the dropdown. I've tried targeting the elements ID in a <script&g
  13. Hello everyone, I have faith in this community because thanks to UBot I learned many things, also thanks to all this community that always answer and is full of very good people like Dan, TJ, and so forth. I feel I have something in debt with most of you, so I decided to make my coding Journey (10,000 hours of code) in all languages I can so I can share the knowledge. There will be also updates of sources that are deeper in tasks that I will need to charge at least $1 USD per source, in order to have a coffee or a beer. Or anything, you know, this way I can fund this Journey and you guys can
  14. Hey there, Wondering if anyone can give me a friendly pointer, Is there a way to disable the default context menu on right click within either UBot itself, a compiled bot ... or both (within a Load HTML) ? Im currently working a project that requires a custom context menu when the user clicks their right mouse button, The menu is coded with javascript and works perfectly in every environment ive tested in ... (multiple browsers, DW, JSfiddle etc etc etc etc ...) but cant test it in UBot during development or a compiled bot simply because i cant seem to get the default context menu to
  15. Hey there, The other day I was migrating a bot from ui html panel to the browser (Small interface). I had to push the contents of a table with multiple rows and columns to a JS variable in the browser. Thats where my problems started. Spent whole night debugging and wondering whats the problem turning the whole bot upside down, you know the thrill.Funny stuff because the whole problem was because of a single character. Ubot &table puts a strange new line character and Javascript does not like that character. navigate("http://www.tutorialspoint.com/html/html_tables.htm","Wait") scrape t
  16. So I read somewhere that ubot should just close javascript alerts, however I am working on a site currently where these javascript alerts will not close automatically... Not sure if anybody has run into this issue or has any advice on working around it. Kind of a weird one as I have set it to disallow javascript on load... It really sucks because if you don't close the alert, nothing will happen on the page. Any ideas?
  17. This is Ubot Day 5 for me! My first bot made a lot of progress yesterday thanks to what I've learned from this forum, now I've run into another problem I haven't been able to figure out. I'm working with Twitter. There are Javascript buttons and dropdown menus that need clicked. I'm experimenting with changing the attributes of selected elements (I don't understand best practices here). I've also experimented with using the click image option. Through a combination of those things, in a DEFINE, I can click through and it does what it's intended to do. In this case, it's to start from the a
  18. So I'm trying to automate this site... http://redbubble.com. Everything is fine until after I upload my image. On redbubble you can upload one image and they put it on like 20 products. The issue is when it adds the image to all the products you can't easily click on them. I've tried everything, changing user agents, etc... nothing is working! I've created a demo account for you to use to see what I'm talking about. Login here: https://www.redbubble.com/auth/login Username: ubotdemo Password: ubotdemo123 Then go here: http://www.redbubble.com/portfolio/images/new?ref=account-nav-dr
  19. Hi Fellow Ubotter Guys I need some advice. After I few months I have decide to study programming. I am little lost. I want to know which language should I study. Yes I do nlknow its a stupid question. But I also want to know which language will help me with ubot as well. I have to choose between the following: * Java * C * JavaScript * C++ I do understand that c and c++ are almost the same and the same goes for java and JavaScript. But which one will help me more with ubot and creating plugins.. Thank you very much for the feedback Much appreciated Verno
  20. Hi, when i log in into google webmaster tools and browse to searchanalyse, the browser in ubot will not show me content. All other pages in webmaster tools are shown correctly. In my normal web browser the content will be shown correctly, too. I have tried to change the user agent but i get no content with the ubot browser. The searchanalyse is a beta version. Is there a problem with js? Has anyone a idea how to handle this?
  21. I'm stuck, I need to select 2 items on a dropdown menu (listbox) but cannot find native ability to do it within ubot. I'd imagine that I will need to accomplish this using Javascript. Does anyone have experience with this? I have pasted the code for the listbox/dropdown menu below: <table cellspacing='0' cellpadding='3' border='0'> <tr><td valign='top'><b>Items</b> </td><td class="internalColumn"><label for='ITEMS'><select style=' width: 100%;' title="Select ITEMS to search. Hold down CTRL to select multiple counties." id='ITEMS' name=
  22. Hello guys. I was trying to set dynamic dropdown, first was from variable, and even from list and it doesn't work at all. This is a video how to do this. This is my ubot studio code. ui html panel("<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=UTF-8\"> <link id=\"CSS_Link\" href=\"\" rel=\"stylesheet\" > <link href=\"http://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.2.0/css/font-awesome.min.css\" rel=\"stylesheet\"> <link href=\"http://lazybots.com/bootstrap/icon
  23. I am trying to login into a website that requires a version of IE and implements a Interactive Network Diagnostic requiring of lowering the security level, and then the server communicates with the client and sharing of information ... what is the norm of getting around this barrier, setting different agents in ubot does not seem to work and then of course the problem of changing the setting...
  24. I'm having trouble uploading an image to send as an MMS with : http://www.textnow.com/The "change file field" does not work. When done manually on a regular browser, an open file dialogue appears, and then once the image is selected, an overlay of the image, where the Send button has to be clicked to send the image.
  25. I want my bot to be able to submit forms. I also want to work out (automatically) whether or not the bot was successful (whether or not the form actually was submitted). Here is an example: http://fraserellis.co.uk/contact-us/ So I need a way to monitor whether the JavaScript submit happens or not. Could this be done by monitoring the HTTP POST requests sent by the UBOT browser? Could this be done by inserting JavaScript into the page like this onsubumit function? function hello() { alert("The form was submitted");} var formS = document.getElementsByTagName("form");var form = form
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