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  1. Go like that if you want both the element if(both{existelement1},{existselement2}) If you want one of them if(either{existelement1},{existselement2})
  2. Don't use The camera instead of camera use element selector click on setting icon and then select the attribute.Hope it will help you
  3. Try This:- set(#test,"testingscript","Global") plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Copy To Clipboard", #test) plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Overwrite Element with Clipboard", "x://select element where you need to paste it")
  4. Try get all images from a folder:- ui open file("image",#image)set(#image,$plugin function("File Management.dll", "$directory name", #image),"Global")clear list(%image)add list to list(%image,$get files(#image,"Yes"),"Delete","Global")
  5. try:- set(#test,$list from text($plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Scrape List Elements Attribute", "x://p", "innerHTML"),$new line),"Global")set(#test,$replace(#test,"<br>",$new line),"Global") if need any further assistance you can skype me at:-live:69f5974a7e15e93eThanks & RegardsTinku Singh
  6. try this: set(#innertext,$plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Scrape Element", "x://b[contains(text(), \"Current Tax Levy:\'\"]/"),"Global") But if it not works i need to see the webpage.
  7. You Most Welcome! Happy To help group member if i know Something related to their query
  8. set(#test,$plugin function("HeopasCustom.dll", "$Heopas HTTP Post", "https://doc-partner-services.gingersoftware.com/correction/v1/document?apiKey=56465a24-4a77-4954-8933-bb6156af1316","\{\"text\": \"{#text}\"\}", "", "", "", "Content-Type: text/plain", ""),"Global") You can use heopas plugin as http post is getting old and aymen has not updated the plugin from a couple of years.It have not option to pass header,you can pass the key words in parameters and headers as your need .You can correlate it with the code i have attached. Thanks&Regards Tinku Singh
  9. hi,i have a query i want to connect ftp server connection type -SFTP and logon type -keyfile but there is not any option to browse .ppk file, i have no problem to connect the server with filezila but i want to connect it with ubot any help will be appreciated .I have also noticed that there is not any plugin for that.
  10. you can proceed like that:- add list to list(%test,$list from text("dadaffsggd@gmail.com: 415423gjfhhfnddbb@gmail.com: 823361gagaggsvv@hotmail.ar: 784232",":"),"Delete","Global")
  11. got the solution by aymen base 64 to image
  12. Hi I get stuck while solving a captcha for site https://appleid.apple.com/account#!&page=create. It's look like a simple captcha with base 64 image. attached in .txt file. as it is base 64 so screen shot element and all ubot commands to save or download image is not working for it At Last i take a screen shot of the browser and send to 2captcha service but i get an error like captcha unsolvable. I tried with ubot inbuilt browser and the captcha is getting solved by ubot inbuilt solve captcha function without any problem but i want to solve it in exbrowser. Any help will be appreciated Tha
  13. Hi , I am stuck in verifying emails ,i am using inbuilt command of ubot connect to mail server and underneath verify emails but not working.I previously used it for sending mail and was working fine but i am finding it difficult to verify emails . Everything looks like ok from my side connect to mail server("POP3 With SSL","test@gmail.com","test@123","smtp.gmail.com",995) { verify emails("Email verification","https://mailer.somesite.com/wf/click.upn=.*","None")}
  14. Hi Mufasa i would like to work for you my skype id is-live:69f5974a7e15e93e
  15. Hi, your ubot browser is not supporting the site , change browser 21 or 49 and check in both browser. If it still not work then you have no choice rather than using exbrowser. And one thing more don't try to- $element offset(<class="icon-f icf-upload">,4) like this search for exact element which is unique like id, innerterxt etc because the class and offset you have selected may change on a new request .Hope it helps you skype id- live:69f5974a7e15e93e
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