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  1. While I have the Developer Edition, I've never used Ubot for any program that I have developed. I am able to do pretty much anything + more outside of UBot. But that's all beside the point. Ubot has a lot of unaddressed issues with no support or assurance of fixes. This has heavily impacted people who have poured tons of money and time into this software. Learning a new programming language does not begin to address the issues with Ubot and many people don't have the time to learn a new programming language from scratch. Besides that, people looked to Ubot to cut programming time and increase
  2. Yeah, I've already seen the lack of updates in the tracker and lack of involvement by the staff within the community. I've also seen how staff has not addressed this issue like Misha pointed out. So, I was hoping the staff would once and for all give a clear answer to what is going on and what the future of Ubot holds. I think they owe at least that much to their customers. many of whom have poured hundred or thousands of dollars and hours into this software.
  3. Are there any updates planned for Ubot Studio in the near future or is this pretty much it?
  4. Thanks LoWrIdErTJ, I added the code to a run javascript node and ran the node, but no joy (I probably missed something). I made some revisions to the code you gave which worked. I have posted the code below for future reference for those that might need it: var optionsToSelect = ['White', 'Green']; var select = document.getElementById( 'ITEMS' ); for ( var i = 0, l = select.options.length, o; i < l; i++ ) { o = select.options[i]; if ( optionsToSelect.indexOf( o.text ) != -1 ) { o.selected = true; } }
  5. I'm stuck, I need to select 2 items on a dropdown menu (listbox) but cannot find native ability to do it within ubot. I'd imagine that I will need to accomplish this using Javascript. Does anyone have experience with this? I have pasted the code for the listbox/dropdown menu below: <table cellspacing='0' cellpadding='3' border='0'> <tr><td valign='top'><b>Items</b> </td><td class="internalColumn"><label for='ITEMS'><select style=' width: 100%;' title="Select ITEMS to search. Hold down CTRL to select multiple counties." id='ITEMS' name=
  6. Yeah, I've noticed that anything to do with the browser (browser.exe) hangs and becomes unresponsive. Mine is completely unuseable too. I'm curious, Is everyone experiencing this issue running a 64 bit system?
  7. Looks great. Unfortunately, I keep getting a "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" Error whenever I select more than 1 thread. (Running it in 4.2.2).
  8. I did pretty much everything in your list except I didn't uninstall 4.0 (shouldn't be necessary). U.I Editor and Web Inspector still freeze and crashes Ubot - also did windows updates after re-installing 3.5 4.5 framework, no dice either. I did notice that the load time for downloaded pages seemed much faster, but freezing and crashing issues were unresolved.
  9. Just a heads up, they are removing all threads that mention problems or "bugs" with Ubot and their stance is that they "aren't seeing that many bugs in this release" (their words as of today, not mine). Just be prepared to have your thread removed and receive a warning along with instructions to direct any talk about bugs to the support ticket system.
  10. Yeah, my internet connection is fairly free and clear. I had left the Web Inspector window up, walked out and came back about 15 minutes later and the window is pretty much froze with the source displayed (scrollbars locked, buttons don't respond, but I can move the window around)
  11. Anyone else having problems with things like the UI Editor and the Web Inspector running extremely slow and/or freezing or is it just me? I know it's been a couple of days since I rebooted but all of my apps are running fine right now. DISCLAIMER - This is not a bug report, I am merely attempting to find out if these issues are exclusive to my pc or if it is a bug, if it is a bug, I intend on reporting using the bug submission support channel.
  12. Yeah happened to me too - warnings and all - censorship at it's finest.
  13. Regarding the error I had received while trying to install ubot 5.0: The solution given and that worked is: That has solved the problem and I am posting it here for other users who may encounter the same issue and do not get a quick reply from support like I did this time around.
  14. Yes, that was sent on the 1st (7 days ago). Few: "a small number, a handful, one or two, a couple, two or three" (From google's dictionary). For most, the word few tends to mean 2 or 3 and sometimes 4. And when a few days had passed, users were asking when the upgrade would come but got no response from the staff.
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