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  1. TJ can you explain how you got that code? with all the div's I would like to understand how you came up with this, since i am starting to use exbrower also? thanks TJ.
  2. Yea, i usually have no problems with clicking buttons, but this is not working for sure, any help please, can someone help out with the solution? Is this a javascript button?
  3. /thanks for you help with the other project but i have another question. this one have to do with javascript from the site scribed. i have everything done right up to the part where i have to click this button or drag the file in order for it to upload. once i get the pdf file, i can then upload it. but i cant get the buttom to get the file to click. i think it is javascript. here is the code that i have so far,any advice would be greatly appreciated. i just need to kknow how to work withth e javascript button to upload the file: here is the code: navigate("https://www.scribd.com/","Wait") c
  4. i am wondering how to get the bolded phrases or words highlighted. i tried to use xpath and expressions and still i could not get the bolded words highlights. they can be in the title, url, or description. i am at a loss, trying to watch youtube, but with very little success. i was told to post here but nothing is happening either. not sure what to do or where to get the help,
  5. I am trying to scrape the search engine pages and once I have the page scraped, I want to extract all the bolded keywords and put them in a list. I've been trying to make this happen and I just can't seem to put my finger on the right code to get this to work. If you could help me out with this would be greatly appreciated. So again I want to scrape the search engines for a specific keyword. Once I have the page scraped with all the listings this includes the title, URL, and a description that is in the search engines I want to then extract the bolded keywords from that scraped page. I then
  6. I have a question please. I am looking at the code you generated above and looking at i see the following: click($element offset(<login link>,2),"Left Click","No") what is a element offsett? what does the number 2 mean in the offset? I watch a lot of the training videos and a lot of the time, they are trying to find something that does not have an offset. They never explain why they are doing that, but it seems they don't want an offset. Please explain what the offset is and what it is used for? Thanks everyone for being patient with my learning curve.
  7. thanks go gogetta, appreciate the help. question, did you try to run the code that i posted? that did not work for you did it? it sure didn't for me. I will have to study the code you gave me, appears to work for me also. Thanks so much i truly appreciate your help, you really don't know, but i do. And thanks to UbotBuddy for your help and understanding, appreciate it. I am pretty much a newbie to this, but want to become efficient and talented where people can come to me as i did to you guys. If you have any suggestions on what to read, study, watch, video's to watch, etc in order for
  8. I did sign in before running the bot and that did not work at all. Anyone who is reading this should go the the thread that is titled " Authorization Window? How To Make It Work? That is the thread that is where all the suggestions are. If you have any suggestions after reading that post, please post in there your idea's and or suggestions.
  9. I want you to know that i really appreciate all you help and guidance. I took your code and used it with the v5 chrome 21 and yes the popup does come. So now i started to modify the bot. I went in and added a mouse click on the popup window so i could see the fields. I did that and the popup then was in the large window and i could see the UN and PW fields. I then dragged over the elements for UN and PW with text entry and the field would never populate with the UN and PW, nor could i get the authorize app button to work either. I don't know what to do now, i have tried everything that i know
  10. No word yet how to make this work in V5 yet? Man i was hoping. I just dont know where to start, why did i pick something like this to start with, not sure. Seems to work out like that, oh well, will just have to wait it out. Is it bad to have the v5 version of Ubot running? Should i be running on V4?
  11. here is the actual window so you can see what is supposed to be showing up in the ubot window when the bot is running. thanks in advance
  12. here is a image of what is happening when the second authorization window tries to open, this is a twitter authorization window. hope this helps
  13. Nope did not work, still when i get to the click element, the new window is still grey with no information to input, so that did not work. try it in your ubot, you will then see what i mean, but no luck, i was hopeful. Please give me another suggestion once you see what it is doing on your end. thanks in advance,
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