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  1. http://image.prntscr.com/image/5d61968cf8c24ebe9075a2eb898ecb43.pnghttp://image.prntscr.com/image/f3a13b25912244bd89dd415303d1874a.pnghttp://image.prntscr.com/image/27fa51acd90a4a2ca77a8012da7cd3f2.png Hello, i created a plugin for personal use with some commands, functions. I am releasing it for free. - For threads lock i use simple commands not container because container stuck in multiple threads - Every command / function is thread safe- varSet set a variable that exist only on running thread so you can varset and varget from everywhere in same thread without passing arguments. Before th
  2. Hi folks, Relative newbie here. I need to develop a script to scrape specific outlook emails contents into a table from a corporate outlook account. That account does not let me log in unless I am on a company VM. My UBOT Studios Developer software is on a stand alone PC vice the VM ... so testing the create table from emails command is not possible on the target outlook email account. Also, as anyone any experience in scraping Outlook mail accounts with specific e-mail addresses vice the whole inbox? Is there an esoteric plug-in that helps with this, outside UBOT or the bot bank?
  3. Looking to see if any one can develop this for me for a reasonable payment. I am looking to develop a program that will auto send emails to a website's contact form page. It will have to the ability to upload a list of websites from a CSV file or other way, then automatically send a template email to each of the websites listed. It will have the ability to enter in captchas and send messages. This should be able to send as many emails as possible a day with no issues. So maybe using a VPN. This must be able to run on a MAC, or if you have any other ideas let me know. Thank y
  4. hello i want to make a email creator for zoho.eu navigate("https://www.zoho.eu/mail/","Wait") reset account("Any") change checkbox(<id="personal">,"Checked") type text(<username field>,$account data("Username"),"Standard") type text(<password field>,$account data("Password"),"Standard") type text(<first name field>,$account data("First Name"),"Standard") type text(<last name field>,$account data("Last Name"),"Standard") change checkbox(<name="tos">,"Checked") type text($element offset(<email field>,0),$account data("Email"),"Standard") click(<crea
  5. Hello . Please help . How can I make this uboot click on this link? (It's all about the verification link sent to the email address ) it's all about this link so uboot clicks on it. Below is the source code from the email. http://click.txn-email.helladt.com/?qs=59c0f1fd70424e71c424e19d9bc48b9e76a33115c9bcf0cbd1f68a805b7f9529c62e412479092e85ee70830d21a127b155683ff1d98fc2ab272785db2853d3ec <div class="rcmBody" style="background-color: #ffffff; margin: 0; padding: 0; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; width: 100% !important; -webkit-text-size-adjust: none; font-family: Arial, Helvetica
  6. Sorry guys total noob with coding. I'm trying to send an email to myself anytime an error occurs in one of my bots. I know I can just put #error in the body of the message but I would also like to add some text + error number. So body of the message would look something like this: facebook bot, error number #error I dont know how to put plain text and #error in the same field How do I code that into the "So how\'s it going" field? connect to mail server("SMTP With SSL", "Username Here @gmail.com", "Password Here", "smtp.gmail.com", 587) { send email("recipient's email here"
  7. In my starting of the email project mentioned here: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/20916-email-task-handler-bot/ I find that the HTML emails I get have {Tabs} in them, that I want to keep (as a delimiter). It turns out that it seems that the function: Create Table From Emails, strips the tabs out, well at least some for them. There are not many email commands to use, and no work around that I can think of. I need to keep the HTML {Tabs} in order to parse easily and find what I need. Anyone know how to keep the email intact so that I can actually use the email?
  8. I'd like to create a bot that can handle tasks for me... 1. I'd like to be able to send an email to a specific email address. 2. The bot checks for email 3. The bot reads (parses) the body of the email and finds the tasks (plural) 4. The bot executes the tasks * 5. The bot sends an email with info about tasks finished. 6. The bot triggers a URL. 7. Done * The bot is programmed to handle specific tasks. ** I'd like to see uBot get stronger working with Desktop apps, but that's another topic.
  9. Hello everyone, I am trying to have my bot log in to gmail, go to the spam folder search for a specific text within a specific number of pages. When it finds an email that matches it clicks it, choose display images, then clicks one of the images and from there chooses not spam, and continues to look through the emails from the last page it left off. I have all of this working minus clicking on the images. I have tried several things such as scraping the content of the email and using a regex expression to find image source, image link, .jpg, etc.. but nothing is working. When I try to click
  10. Hi, i am exasperated for this. I try to connect to my personal email adress to SEND some emails.. Simply i have the Failed to conect to ( EMAIL) server. The connection timed up....error. I configure for about 10 years various pop imap ssl...servers with thunderbirds or other clients, but i am stuck at this point in UBOT... Any tips for that? it is so simple but ...it is not working..I tried with various PERSONAL domain email address.. I uninstalled also the firewall..no chance.. The connection for receiving email is successful but not the connection for sending emails.. Thank you..
  11. hi, i have a poblem. the email can donĀ“t open via "klick". what ca i do? thanks. Enclosed the script. Thanks for help Gmx (1).ubot
  12. So I'm looking to create a ton of accounts on a social site, but am looking for some recommendations re email verification. To avoid leaving a footprint, I'd prefer to use all the common email providers (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc). What is the easiest way to verify the new account emails, and do you recommend any sellers of these email accounts? What possible issues can I run into, etc? Just looking for tips from all you veterans! Thanks.
  13. F-Checker Unlimited ThreadsProxy Support (Socks4, Socks5, HTTP)Load Proxies from File or URL (auto-reload)Load Email-Lists from FolderDecaptcher SupportOption to Scrape NamesThe Program will check email lists against Facebook, if account is registered with fb it will generate a new output file with "valid" emails + names. Example Input File: john.dummy@gmail.com john.dummy@gmail.com james.dummy@outlook.com j.dummy@gmx.net Example Output File: john.dummy@gmail.com,Johnathan Dummy john.dummy@gmail.com,John Frederick Dummy j.dummy@outlook.com,James Dummy j.dummy@gmx.net,Jane Dummy Price: U
  14. i just bought HTTP POST plugin and try to update my old script used for scraping emails in the old script everything work fine but with HTTP POST there is some problem one of them are hidden javascript emails add item to list(%http second url,$plugin function("HTTP post.dll", "$http get", "http://www.jc-design.com/contact-us.html", $plugin function("HTTP post.dll", "$http useragent string", "Random"), "http://google.com", "", 10),"Delete","Global") set(#http second url,%http second url,"Global") add list to list(%emails,$find regular expression(#http second url,"(?i)\\b[!#$%&\'*+./0-9
  15. I've been playing with UBot for the last couple of weeks, and so far am very impressed with what can be done with it. But one thing which I am struggling with so far is error handling. In my previous automation program, most actions have exception handling built into them (failed to connect, file not found, etc.) which you can check for and have the bot act accordingly. I haven't been able to find something like this in UBot yet, so am wondering how you guys are dealing with error checking. For example, how would you check if you've failed to connect to a mail server? When connecting to the
  16. I have several gmail accounts. I want to create a bot that goes into each email, check for new emails, and send replies. How it works: After ubot connects to that email via POP3, it creates a table out of those emails to collect data such as sender's email, time, subject, body, etc. Then it uses that data to send replies. Deleting emails accessed with POP: In gmail settings, I set it up so that when messages are accessed with POP, it deletes gmail's copy. That way, tomorrow, when I run ubot again, it doesn't check and reply to the same emails from the day before. Problem: The problem i
  17. Hi guys, Trying to change the birthday, birth month, and gender dropdowns after creating an account on inbox.lv The dropdowns can be found on this page: http://login.inbox.lv/profile/personal Anybody been able to do this successfully? TIA, Justin
  18. hello to everyone, i just started playing with ubot, and i cant pass "connect to mail server" script it just freezes there when i do detail testing in wizard everything works well, but when i run node it shows me blue edges....and thats it... does anyone has any suggestion, what is wrong?thank you in advance
  19. Hello community, This is my first post and am new to the forums. Have studied uBot for a little while, but still a little new I'm having trouble scraping emails from a webpage... I have tried most of the regex codes in EditPad and the only one that seemed to work and highlight the email addresses was this code: \b[A-Z0-9._%-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}\b But when I am using this code in uBot I dont seem to be able to scrape anything... Also tried looking with insersions like: (?<=.)\b[A-Z0-9._%-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}\b(?=.) Also tried it in brackets like this: (\([A-Z0-9._%-]
  20. Already have my list of emails....anyone able to make me a bot where I can connect to my own SMTP (500/hour limit) and send emails automatically with said template?
  21. Hello, I'm curious to know if anyone can make a bot that will create Gmail Account - If yes,i will buy it immediately. I know that is very difficult to do that because of Phone Verification but there are a lot of Public Phone Verication or event Private Phone Number for use. The only source i found on web is www.medialoverz.com but i found some bad review about it and i would like to test something else. Thanks
  22. Hello, I wan to buy a soft to create email account I need to create emails for the domain: yahoo.com aol.com mail.com(with all option,email.com,usa.com....) gmx.com It could be a soft that integrate all email type or can be separated softs for all account type for hotmail.com i use http://superhac.net/ so,it will be great to have a soft like that for all email domain Thanks
  23. Anyone know of an effective way to check if connecting to email server was successful to avoid getting errors popup in the bots. For instance if I use the connect to email server command, if it was not successful then take some action. Right now if the connection fails for any reason I get a popup error, which I don't want to happen at the user level.
  24. I am attempting to duplicate email on page and cannot figure out how to do so. The account creation page wants you to confirm the email you typed above. Thanks for the help the page is here ticket master sign up I tried to scrape and paste and it did not work.
  25. I currently have a bot which sends emails via Yahoo SMTP connection. Occasionally the Yahoo accounts get blocked and the bot then can't get a mail connection and can't send. If I run this as a compiled bot it just stops dead. If I run it from within Ubot then I have to babysit and keep pressing "Continue" until all mails are sent. Does anyone know of a way I can get the bot to just say "OK, skip to the next account" if the send fails? Running the accounts through a cleaning process beforehand is ideal but I have over 5k so it really takes a long time, and by the time I finish, more account
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