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Found 16 results

  1. WHY ARE SHOPIFY PRODUCT REVIEWS VITAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS When a customer comes to your online Shopify store, the first thing they will look at is the number of reviews each product has. If your products do not have many reviews, this will send out a message that your Shopify store is not popular. This can turn down many users and leave your Shopify stores with few sales. GENERATE PRODUCT REVIEWS FOR YOUR SHOPIFY STORE ON AUTO PILOT WITH OUR REVOLUTIONARY SHOPIFY PRODUCT REVIEW GENERATOR SOFTWARE Every Shopify store owner knows exactly how difficult it is to get reviews for their produc
  2. Build Regular Expressions On The Fly With Regex Builder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msjOAwc28Ew Update Version 1.1 "Inline" Feature Below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqR40X1i_MY Edit your regex visually so it is much easierMost of the functions you need are built inUses look ahead/behinds and can create complex expressionsMade with Ubot Studio users in mind I suggest you know some regex while using this tool. While it can help you build faster and more powerful regular expressions it will not do all of the work for you. Make sure you watch the video to see how it works
  3. Has anyone been able to control a desktop piece of software? I know UBS does not have in depth features for this... My initial attempts aren't working. Just wondered it it works at all, any threads on it? Any advice/tutorials? Thanks
  4. Just out of curiosity, does anyone want to collaborate on some projects, i could learn something new as well as share some techniques and tricks, my skype name is "vemomedia" or reply on here, i have a few ideas, could possibly make some $$$ together, i am not greedy by far fellow ubotters!
  5. Hello, I am looking to buy 500+ different kinds of software. If you are are selling any between the price point of $1 - $20 let me know. The software that i'm looking for can fall under any category. SEO, SMM, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Wordpress etc etc etc. Also 6 months support for the software that you are selling is mandatory. P.S. - I do not want the source code, just the exe should be fine. Thanks Imran
  6. Hello all, I have my own store since 2013 and sell my products well (with no real advertising), and things are great Have recently had a few products on other major marketplaces such as CodeCanyon, WAR, and a few others Found listing in other places creates awareness for my main store and gets more products out their! BUT... Sometimes these marketplaces change their policies and practices and unfortunately most of my best selling products are not allowed any-more on some of these marketplaces (mainly due to my products being kick-ass scrapers!) Not too much of a bother, as just p
  7. I need a program writing, it is a confidential project with potential additional work available for the right people. Sensible budget available, we want you to be happy too! Contact me for details of the NDC. lucapatroni
  8. Bonus for sign up listed in a reply post below http://content.screencast.com/users/lowridertj/folders/Ubot%20Studio%20Resource%20-%20Site/media/064e332e-2a67-48b5-90e2-81fb00b11c60/Sales%20Thread%20forum%20post.png
  9. This simple, yet useful PC software can generate QR codes instantly No install needed. You can use it to generate codes for: - Website links - Email address - Telephone number - WIFI configuration - and more... See the screenshot below: http://i44.tinypic.com/5yyh4i.png Price: $9.97 Click Here To Order Now!
  10. Hi. I want to buy youtube comment rater with a private proxies support and multi threads. I want to load accounts in this format: youtube login:youtube password:ip:port:proxy user:proxy password If your product will have this options I can pay up to 100 $
  11. Introducing The Advanced Google Multi Keyword Instant Live Keyword Scraper Dominator http://tweetz.us/googlesugestionscraper2.JPG http://tweetz.us/snapshot(18).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(16).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(20).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(17).png http://tweetz.us/snapshot(21).png Google Knows Which Keywords Get Searched Most Often! So Use That Information To Your Advantage, Make Every Page you build count by knowing which keywords are already getting the most Live Realtime "Instant" Searches On Google, related to your Niche. Our Google Related Keyword Scraper applic
  12. Today it just occurred to me that this forum lacks an external resources library or reference guide of sorts, for people looking at automation from (maybe) different standpoints. So here is this thread - please feel free to add what you guys read on other places, where you learn stuff, news, etc... This is NOT the place to write extended how to's or explain tips & tricks in detail, per se, but rather just what the links are about, in a few words, followed by the resource link itself. If you want to explain a new technique or have a tip or trick to share, open your own thread in the a
  13. I have decided to give this software for FREE ! (+ access to the SPIN SYNTAX FORMAT GENERATOR - more details here) You can activate and download the 2 softwares HERE http://www.viralapplicationsfb.com/commasoft/images/ubotforum/1.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syWivEAp6Lo http://www.viralapplicationsfb.com/commasoft/images/ubotforum/2.jpg http://www.viralapplicationsfb.com/commasoft/images/ubotforum/3.jpg
  14. I am currently testing out Norton Anti-Virus & Trend Micro... Then I will be installing Kaspersky.\ Anyone have any preferences when it comes to anti-virus or are they basically the same but different (lol)?
  15. Get Free Twitter Followers, Facebook, YouTube, Digg and more. What is SocialClerks.com ? Get Free Twitter Followers Get Free Retweets Get Free Facebook Likes Get Free Website Visitors Get Free Youtube Views Get Free Digg Followers Get Free Google +1 Get Free Delicious Saves Get Free SoundCloud Followers Get Free Pinterest Pins Get more exposure This bot will help you generate thousand of points 100% Automated!!! SocialClerks Bot Features: Earn SocialClerks point 100% Autopilot! Generate thousand of points everyday! Schedule your campaign Easy to setup User friendly interface Set and fo
  16. I have decided to give this software for FREE ! (+ access to the COMMA SEPARATOR LIST GENERATOR - more details here) You can activate and download the 2 softwares HERE http://www.viralapplicationsfb.com/SpinSoft/1.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-MJ-H0ajbc http://www.viralapplicationsfb.com/SpinSoft/2.jpg http://www.viralapplicationsfb.com/SpinSoft/3.jpg
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