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Found 21 results

  1. Hey there While finishing the first bot, i am running in more and more problems. Most of my defines will be fired by a button (html ui). But they run not completely through. I do not get the last alerts. In this example the #CollectorStatus will not be set, which i would like to use as an indicator of success or not. This is a search and collect profiles function. define gosearch { wait for browser event("DOM Ready","") navigate("https://www.xing.com/search/members?keywords={#search}","Wait") wait(4) loop(2) { set(#CollectorStatus,"<div class=\"alert alert-pri
  2. Any way to easily save a full website? If done manually you could do it from a web browser.
  3. Are there any guides on getting dynamic CSS/elements in exbrowser plugin and in Ubot in general? I've been using Selenium and even IDE tends to give decent Xpaths. But ubot is lacking. Anyway, are there any methods you guys use that tend to be the most reliable? Or do you guys just use firepath and paste it in to Ubot?
  4. Hello. I already read Offset tutorial, but i still can't get it. So i want to scrape a href link under all of <li> tag's and add them to the new list. <li><a href="/alfaromeo3455534/">....</li> So the whole code looks like this : <body><div id="main"><div class="content"><div class="c-1 endless_page_template"><ul class="list"><li> <ahref> </li><li> <ahref> </li><li> <ahref> </li><li> <ahref> </li><li> <ahref> </li>...</ul>
  5. Hello, How can I make a custom "run on schedule" button via the ui html panel? Like this "Run" button, but the scheduled one: <button onclick=\"ubot.runScript(\'run_bot()\')\">Start</button> Please assist
  6. How to pass a text parameter to HTML panel? example: ui html panel("<button onclick=\"ubot.runScript(\'SetStatus()\')\">GOOD</button> <button onclick=\"ubot.runScript(\'SetStatus()\')\">BAD</button> ",100) define SetStatus(#Status) { alert(#Status) } On click GOOD should alert "Good" I've tried: ubot.runScript(\'SetStatus(Good)\') ubot.runScript(\'SetStatus('Good')\') ubot.runScript(\'SetStatus(\"Good\")\') Any idea how to do that? I want to use only 1 define ubot.runScript(\'SetStatus(#different var for each button)\')
  7. Hi There, I'm trying to fire a UBot define after a user selects an item from a dynamically loaded dropdown in the HTML UI panel. I've tried setting the onchange event to call a Ubot define like so: <select variable="#itemToView" list="#itemDropdownList" list-fillwith="options" onchange="ubot.runScript('testLoader()')"></select> I've also tried setting it to call a javascript function onchange, which in turn calls the UBot define, but have the same issue with it firing as soon as the bot loads and populates the dropdown. I've tried targeting the elements ID in a <script&g
  8. Apologies if this has been asked before. I have a database that tracks folders, and items inside those folders. I'd like to present them in a Tree View in the UI HTML Panel, but I can't seem to figure out a good way to do it. Ideally it would look like Folder #1 - Item #1 - Item #2 - Item #3 Folder #2 - Item #4 - Item #5 etc. I know I could use some kind of HTML/CSS/Javascript to get the tree view functionality working, but I can't figure out how to best populate the tree, and equally important: how to call a ubot function when an item (not folder) is clicked. Is the
  9. I am trying to convert the following greek keyword "καλημερα" to καλημερα (html) Any plugin to suggest ? Advanced Data Text File works ? Example: http://www.freeformatter.com/html-escape.html
  10. Hey I have had this function now for a long time but still do not get how to use it say I have this tag <input type="hidden" name="scrambleSeed" value="359512505"> How do I find the Value? set(#html,$plugin function("HTTP post.dll", "$html parser", "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"scrambleSeed\" value=\"359512505\">", "input", "scrambleSeed", "", "value"),"Global") thanks for any help
  11. hi,heed some help i am trying to scrape home year from zillow navigate("http://www.zillow.com/homes/3804 Emerson Dr%0960176_rb/","Wait") wait for element(<class="zsg-content-header addr">,"","Appear") wait(3) add list to list(%home year,$scrape attribute(<innertext=r"Built in ">,"innertext"),"Delete","Global") ive tried all combination with scrape attribute with no results so i think it can be done only with regex but i don't know regex very well,i just start to learn it
  12. Hello guys. I was trying to set dynamic dropdown, first was from variable, and even from list and it doesn't work at all. This is a video how to do this. This is my ubot studio code. ui html panel("<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=UTF-8\"> <link id=\"CSS_Link\" href=\"\" rel=\"stylesheet\" > <link href=\"http://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.2.0/css/font-awesome.min.css\" rel=\"stylesheet\"> <link href=\"http://lazybots.com/bootstrap/icon
  13. This has two parts. I have a list of zip codes I need to put into html files then later I'll put them on the web. Why does my list get chopped up? I'll provide a side by side example. Yes before you ask, I save as comma delimited. I am going to upload a screenshot so you can see. Second - I want to use those zip codes and cities to plug into an html file I am going to create. What I have is a lot of cities to plug and it would take forever. No I don't want to use a database since my boss wants the files individually done. I dont see anything on ubot that can take that variable data and ty
  14. Hey, just wanted to see if this was possible. Can we replace part of the DOM in an HTML page on the fly (i.e. while it is loaded)? I am looking to generate Gmail Emails (from drafts) and am having a lot of trouble keeping the format of certain text (bold, italics, URL links, etc.). Copy and Paste is just buggy and generating everything with a $type text() (along with clicking/unclicking bold, italic, link button, etc.) just seems like an exceptional waist of time. This does not go into the fact that I would like these Emails to be up-datable by someone else other than me later on (i.e.
  15. I have an HTML table that is generated using ubot. Now I want the bot to go through a specific column in the table and, if a cell contains only the word "yes", change the background color of that cell to green. Conversely, if the cell contains only the word "no", I want the cell background to change to red. Any ideas regarding how how to go about this would be greatly appreciated! I have some coding experience (JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery mobile, PHP, etc.) but I'm very new to ubot. For reference, here is my current ubot code: clear table(&my table) clear list(%rows) clear list(%comp
  16. I came across this really cool site. My friend sent it to me, told me his Teacher help make it. I think its really useful + its helping me understand things by being able to do them in real time. Might not be for all but if you are trying to learn more about coding, depending what your learning, this site may be able to help. http://www.codecademy.com/ Hope you enjoy it as much as i do.
  17. Hi I've looked everywhere for tutorials and reference material on how to create a customized HTML panel - specifically how to integrate CSS - haven't really found anything. Any ideas? Thanks
  18. I need to find the coordinates (position) of an object on a webpage (with one of the corners of the browser window as the point of origin) and be able to save those coordinates in two variables (x,y)... I think that there is a way using jquery and the eval function in a variable but I'm not a javascript coder and I can't get that code to work using that object id or any other tag to select it... Can anyone give me a hand with this? PLS!!!
  19. New Version of HTML UI Builder Now Available http://77thcloud.com/salepageimages/scrshot.jpg New "Multi Tabbed UI" Feature added to HTML UI Builder makes creating ui's like the example's below a breeze http://77thcloud.com/salepageimages/demo.jpg http://77thcloud.com/salepageimages/demo2.jpg Click Here to see how quick and easy it is to create Multi Tabbed UI's PLUS You can now use the UI Builder to create Autoit scripts for opening and closing ui html windows http://77thcloud.com/salepageimages/demo3.jpg No matt
  20. This guy has created a nice graphical interface - http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10882-check-out-some-cool-things-you-can-do-with-the-ui-html-panel/ - I looked around but couldn't find instructions on how to do this. My bot is pretty simple but I want it to have a custom look. Any suggestions on where I might find tutorials on creating an graphical interface?
  21. I am using HTML UI. I want to have the user be able to enter a list of proxies into a textbox, then allow the user to save the textbox and later load it. I'm just not sure how to do that. I'm assuming it can be saved as a list... and then reloaded as such. But... how to format it?
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