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  1. I am looking to create a desktop or web-based software that will let me extract products from amazon USA and import them to Mercadolibre.cl. Mercodolibre is a similar service based in Latin America. The software needs to extract: Titles Photos Product description Price Inventory Any other pertinent information After extraction, the software should import all data to my Mercadolibre account as a new product. There should be no limit on the number of products that can be imported, perhaps even entire categories. The idea is to create entire Mercadolibre web stores filled with amazon product
  2. I`ve created this small script for bulk domain appraisals on GoDaddy. I´ve adapted a multi threading script I found here but it´s a little unreliable. I need this to be lightning fast and to be able to connect through proxies (backend storm proxies). Things to notice: I´m grabbing my list from a local file. Example list item: https://www.godaddy.com/domain-value-appraisal/appraisal/?isc=gdrpf730&checkAvail=1&domainToCheck=ubot.com I´m exporting the appraisals to a local file Thanks for any help on optimizing this script clear cookies clear list(%Domain List) clear list(%Dom
  3. Just what I need. Would you be open to adding a tweak? It would be nice to be able to download the html site then convert the files to wordpress theme format. Any chance of this?
  4. Any way to easily save a full website? If done manually you could do it from a web browser.
  5. I meant... can I create a tool like http://liveranksniper.com with this Advanced Google Youtube V3 ?
  6. Hi. Can I make this with this plugin? http://liveranksniper.com
  7. Also.... I was verifying available accounts through the browser message... basically using the if.... exists.....scrape attribute. Can you think of a way of internal verification? This will most likely speed up the process.
  8. Thank you.... testing it now.. I´ll try and save to new list. No new browser needed?
  9. Thanks for that. However I was hoping you could help me out with multi threading. I applied everything on the video you recently posted but I´m doing something wrong. At the end of the day I need for the program to go through the whole list of usernames in a multi thread style. I´ll probably be going through thousands of Usernames. Here is what I have. ui drop down("Set Number of Threads","1,2,3,4,5",#ThreadCount) ui block text("Users",#User list) ui save file("Available Twitter Users",#Available Twitter User File) ui stat monitor("Countdown to finish",#var_CYC_Keyword_CRT) loop while($co
  10. It works perfectly... have you tried running it with proxies? Haven´t been able to and after a while I get a error from twitter saying I´m sending too many requests.
  11. Thanks.... I just wish I was smart enough to apply that. I ran a few scenarios and always got this error...
  12. BTW. Type Keys works... but it´s not ideal in a multi thread situation. Landing the position is very difficult.
  13. I´m checking username availability within https://twitter.com/settings/account. Twitter automatically tells you if a name is available. You can use Type Text and Change attribute to insert names from a file or table. The problem is that Twitter isn´t showing availability when feeding data through Ubot commands. It only works when you manually type the text. I´ve also tried Typewriter effects... still doesn´t work. Any help would be great.
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