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Found 14 results

  1. Do you got the same problems with the UI DROPDOWN since the update ?! When you click on the drop down the list shows up but is never going away anymore even if you move the window the dropdownList stays on the first position:
  2. ⛔ Can't seem to figure out how to change the dropdown menu on the code. Can anyone have a look? <label class="json-form-item select auto_fuel_type req variant-select"> <div class="label-wrapper"> <span class="label">fuel</span> </div> <select tabindex="1" name="auto_fuel_type" class="json-form-input no-js auto_fuel_type"> <option value="">-</option> <option value="1">gas</option> <option value="2">diesel</option> <option value="3">hybrid</option> <option value="4">ele
  3. Hello, I am sorry.. Could anyone show me simple source code to make dropdown using plugin xaml native ui.. thank you
  4. Hi, I'm trying to populate a ui drop down from a scrape of a dropdown and would appreciate any guidance / help. Here is what I have so far... navigate("http://www.bazoogle3.com/testscrape/","Wait") wait(5) set(#var02,$scrape attribute(<id=w"reportMonthSelector_chzn_o_*">,"innertext"),"Global") ui drop down("Select Start date",#var02,#var02) I'd like the list of dates to populate the ui dropdown, but as you as see it ends up being one drop down option that includes the list of all of the dates in one row. Any help/input/guidance on a fix would be appreciated. Please
  5. Hi, I am just getting into ubot and trying to scrape some data from my company intranet. In this example, I want to navigate to a page, change the date drop down, scrape the number of contacts, change the drop down to the next date, scrape the number of contacts, and continue through all available drop down dates. So far I have been able to navigate to the page and change the drop down, but cannot seem to scrape the data that I need. Please see image of data I'm trying to scrape (https://www.screencast.com/t/fLFBVxj0L) I've tried right click and scrape navigate("http://www.myintratnets
  6. Hi, Pls help me and others out, newbie alert...!! I have bult a little "login bot" and wanted to style a menu by myself...with the ui editor...works great. But now I cannot connect the list function with the dropdown menu. I want to show all accounts of the list in the dropdown, to choose one of the Accounts to login (that should appeare in the dropdown list, but did not...) I am not able to show my list (csv) in the dropdown list....it works with the UI Commands Tab, but not with the UI html Generator??????????????? Can anyone help me? Excuse my bad english, I'm from Austria, sp
  7. Hi guys, Trying to change the birthday, birth month, and gender dropdowns after creating an account on inbox.lv The dropdowns can be found on this page: http://login.inbox.lv/profile/personal Anybody been able to do this successfully? TIA, Justin
  8. Hey all - Sorry for the basic request, but I've searched for the last hour or so and am struggling with something (I'm newish to ubot). I've got a csv file with a few rows & columns, such as: John smith, jsmith@blah.com, password123, homepage, alex jones, ajones@iuhdiuh.com, password321, homepage, What my goal is, is to make a UI dropdown from the first colum (names). I tried making a table (called &loaded) from the CSV (worked) and then making a list from that table, using 'list from table', to populate the dropdown... ui drop down("Select",$plugin function("TableCommands.dll
  9. hi, need some help i am trying to make a simple Gmail Email Creator but have some problem with dropdown meniu Ive tried to use change dropdown funtion but without any success Curently i use this function but its not working each time navigate("https://accounts.google.com/SignUp","Wait") wait(5) click($element offset(<class="goog-inline-block goog-flat-menu-button-dropdown">,0),"Left Click","No") wait(2) click(<innertext=$account data("Birth Month Word")>,"Left Click","Yes") click(<innertext=$account data("Birth Month Word")>,"Left Click","Yes") Can someone give an idea
  10. I'm stuck, I need to select 2 items on a dropdown menu (listbox) but cannot find native ability to do it within ubot. I'd imagine that I will need to accomplish this using Javascript. Does anyone have experience with this? I have pasted the code for the listbox/dropdown menu below: <table cellspacing='0' cellpadding='3' border='0'> <tr><td valign='top'><b>Items</b> </td><td class="internalColumn"><label for='ITEMS'><select style=' width: 100%;' title="Select ITEMS to search. Hold down CTRL to select multiple counties." id='ITEMS' name=
  11. Hello together, my Name is Peter and im new to UBot. Im testing it, cause im an User of Zennoposter, and i think UBot will be an better alternative Program. So i first bought Standard Version, but thinking about buying Developer Version, cause i really like the compile Function of UBot. So i started and be schocked that UBot have Problems with simple Dropdowns. Per Example at this Site:(Dropdown with Value "Herr" or "Frau") per example! https://meinkonto.telekom-dienste.de/konto/registrierung/email/index.xhtml?&sid=email What did i make false, or is it an Problem of Standard Version? T
  12. I wanted to create a bot that is logging in my gmail accounts. The problem is that I cannot setup the UI Dropdown Menu the right way. I have made a csv with usernames in the first column, and the passwords in the second column. So, I want that the UI Dropdown Menu takes the Username and the password and fill it in the gmail login form. It works only the half, because it fills the username and hits the login button. How can I do it the right way? How to format the csv, tha ubot can understand the tables? Thx for helping. Excuse my spelling, my motherlanguage is german....
  13. I know this has been an issue with Ubot for a long time and since it was never fixed in Version 4 (not sure about 5??) then here is a good solution. Basically this will allow you to add a project and have the dropdown menu include it automatically instead of having to refresh the ui or use a dropdown dialog or something else. Give it a shot and you will see how it updates it after adding a new project. To test this out make a folder on the desktop named Projects and add some projects in there as csv files. I wish I could do a video to show it working right now but I can't. Possibly in a
  14. I've tried to find out how to do this, but I could not. Even I found some threads in the forum about similar questions, I tried the solutions and did not work. Just need to scrape the list of states in this site (this is my code): navigate("http://www.adoos.com/posting/", "Wait") set(#statesscraped, $scrape attribute(<name="geo1_id">, "innertext"), "Global") Thanks guys, really appreciate your help. Luis Carlos
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