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  1. Hi, Pls help me and others out, newbie alert...!! I have bult a little "login bot" and wanted to style a menu by myself...with the ui editor...works great. But now I cannot connect the list function with the dropdown menu. I want to show all accounts of the list in the dropdown, to choose one of the Accounts to login (that should appeare in the dropdown list, but did not...) I am not able to show my list (csv) in the dropdown list....it works with the UI Commands Tab, but not with the UI html Generator??????????????? Can anyone help me? Excuse my bad english, I'm from Austria, sp
  2. Hi, I don´t want to open google, I want to open a link in an email, and the URL from the link in the email, in a new standardbrowser window. Is this possible? thx for helping
  3. I have tested your script before, but I cannot change to node view, because there is a error in line 27...? The plugin command did not work right...
  4. How can I open links in the users standard browser? Have made a bot that logs into my mail accounts. I can open and delete the mails, but when I click an external link in the mail nothing happens. I cannot open links, and don´t know why. I want to open the links in my standard browser, and not in Ubot´s browser. Can anyone help me? THX 4 helping
  5. Now I have the same problem, when I want to set up the UI open file button. How can I load the csv file in the dropdown menu when I use the open file button? I think I have a problem with the lists and tables understanding. Is there anywhere a tutorial about this? THX for helping.. This is the code by now, don´t know how to go on.... ui open file("Searching 4 File:",#UsernameFile) ui drop down("Choose Username:",$list from file(#UsernameFile),#UsernameFilegewhlt) ui stat monitor("Username Used For Login:",#UsernameFilegewhlt)
  6. Hi, Thank you very much, now it is working! I am a total newbie at Ubot and need help sometimes, thank you very much. greets from Austria :) :) :) :) :)
  7. Hi, I need your help again... I have customized your script and it works really fine! But only in Ubot.... If I save the script and open it next day, then the dropdown is empty, but the filepath is right. If I compile the bot the Dropdown is empty... Don't know why... Check this out: http://www.screencast.com/t/8i7IE93wvhg http://www.screencast.com/t/WMCVaLfI2e http://www.screencast.com/t/Orw6RYJq2w Thanks for helping
  8. Thank you very much for helping!!! Check this out now... thx
  9. I wanted to create a bot that is logging in my gmail accounts. The problem is that I cannot setup the UI Dropdown Menu the right way. I have made a csv with usernames in the first column, and the passwords in the second column. So, I want that the UI Dropdown Menu takes the Username and the password and fill it in the gmail login form. It works only the half, because it fills the username and hits the login button. How can I do it the right way? How to format the csv, tha ubot can understand the tables? Thx for helping. Excuse my spelling, my motherlanguage is german....
  10. Hi, I am new to the special forum here, and want to say hello! Hope it is OK for you all, did not find this section anywhere... Need INFORMATION and would live the next view days in the uBot Underground ;-) Good to be Here, thx the new one corvuscorax
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