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  1. pftg4

    yeah ubot version 6 should do it
  2. pftg4

    Loop List Total

    set list postion to 0 at the end of the list this will start all over again
  3. aj had a software not so long ago to help with this check forum
  4. just stops the script tab you are on hope this helps Dave
  5. here you go there are also a few videos on how to use them but for the life of me i can't find them http://wiki.ubotstudio.com/wiki/Log_Commands
  6. there is extensive tools for that purpose but if it is a old bot you would be out of luck
  7. can't you do it on the fly with variables and the HTML window??? use the variables to add checkbox/es then write HTML to the HTML window
  8. looks like you have a new line underneath no match
  9. it's only an http get just read api docs
  10. why don't you watch the tutorials start to code your bot when you have problems post the code so we can help Dave
  11. the only way to do that is with windows commands and click the tab kind of messy unless someone found a way hope this helps Dave
  12. congrats running now for ya seems good so far
  13. intellisense IMHO is what ubot is lacking would be awesome +1
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