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  1. Hello, it's been a few years later and wondering if you've seen any documentation on the external browser?
  2. When using Exbrowser, is it possible to hide the "A new firefox update is available" popup in the top right corner?
  3. I'm using 6.0.4. I've seen some comments that the latest version is not stable/buggy but I can't believe that simple variables don't work correctly. Recap of my test case - you must fill in the proxies and user agent and other variables and run the code. After it's done, try changing the # of loops and other variable and watch the debugger. They are not updating. So I've create the variables and UI Text box correctly? Is the changing of headers also correct? It seems to have no affect. I'll try the previous version and report back.
  4. The idea is the set some variables that can be changed in the UI Text box.Then change to a random proxy and user agent in each loop.Doesn't work: changing the headerDoesn't work: the code pulls in the text from the UI Text box when running it the first time. After that changing the UI text boxes doesn't seem to have any affect on the variable and the bot keeps using what was already set in memory. sample file is included. In order to test this you have to feed it a file with proxys and useragents so that it will load up a browsers. Without that, when I run it, the problem may not happen (i.e
  5. I created a simple bot with a couple of UI Text boxes. When I type something in on the UI, I see the variable immediately update in the debugger and I can use those variables. However, after I run through it a couple times, updating the UI no longer has any effect (it doesn't update the variables in the debugger). Even clearing the variables doesn't help. But, when I restart UBOT, it once again works (I can see the variable being updated as I type it) Am I using UI Text box wrong?
  6. I'm trying to set the http headers using ExBrowser. Looks like ExBrowser allows you to change 7 headers. 1) For example, if I'd like to change "Content encoding" = gzip, deflate, br what would the syntac look like? I tried to set AcceptEncoding = gzip, deflate, br but it doesn't seem to do anything. Not sure if Content Encoding is the same as Accept Encoding? 2) If I want to set several headers do I just add multiple
  7. I tried that but somehow Chrome is still finding a way to update. A little easier with Firefox but not I'm getting an annoying alert/reminder pop-up that an update is available. Wasted many hours already installing, uninstalling, and going in circles. Even after double checking that Google Update Services is stopped.
  8. Hi, to all you ExBrowser users: 1) How do you prevent Chrome from updating since ExBrowser only accepts one specific version of Chrome. If you use any other version it gives an error message: "chrome version wrong it should be 70.0.3538.102". My Chrome keeps updating on its own, forcing me to constantly uninstall the new one and reinstall the version above. 2) Similar question for Firefox. I found the correct version but each time I set it to not automatically download the updates, the setting doesn't seem to save. The next time Ubot opens it (with the orange colored URL area with the ro
  9. i have the same problem. The suggestion in the FAQ doesn't seem to work. https://support.bot-factory.com/knowledgebase.php?article=30
  10. Thanks but I'm talking about the Ubot External browser, not ExBrowser. Ubot itself now has an internal and external browser.
  11. Thanks all. I got it working using the advanced element editor (click into the body, search for my element). It needs to be able to click an element which is not always in the same place so using the advanced Click using Location doesn't help. The reason I ask about XPATH is that I've used XPATH before to before to identify the exact element that needs to be clicked and would be nice to use XPATH inside ubot. Ex-browser can do it.
  12. I'm trying Ubot's External browser and it opens the new tab in a pop up and everything stays on the same tab. Normally, in a regular browser when you click a link it opens in a new tab then some other stuff loads. I want all that to happen. And I can't really do anything on that second tab because it's all happening on one tab. Also, on Ubot's External Browser, I doesn't seem to accept the User Agent command, which I also need to do. Am I just wasting my time on Ubot's external browser? I posted that question here. I have Ex-Browser but I see they are going to a subscription model and not
  13. I'd like to have the Ubot browser click a link that opens a new tab. According to this, you cannot do that in Ubot's internal browser. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45034413/open-a-new-tab-in-ubot Is that true? Can it be done in the external browser? I tried this but it just loaded the new link in the existing single tab. So in a regular browser, if I click the link I'd now have two tabs. But in the Ubot browser there's only 1.
  14. Is there any way to use XPATH to click on an element using Ubot's browser? I previously had it working in Exbrowser but i'm trying to get it working in the regular Ubot browser. So far, I've tried the CLICK command and pressed the gear icon and found the exact element which there is only 1. Problem is that UBOT doesn't actually click it. I'm thinking that possibly using XPATH again will work as it did in Exbrowser. I've see a post about using CSS Path but it seems like that would point to the exact location of the element at that time. If it moves, it won't click the correct one. Using the
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