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  1. Set variable with hidden characters. For new value use replace regex command. Pattern to find is regex, replace with nothing.
  2. I just got Community Edition, love it and thought I would share what I've done with it so far... This is a small bot that will screen stock market symbols, check for news releases and certain alerts... Like high social activity, higher than normal trading volume and a couple of others. Helps do the dirty work in the morning and throughout the day. Options can be changed on the fly and it has some error handling because MW screener is a POS, but allows URL parsing. So if results are low, you can modify criteria and next run will be with updated results. Results are stored in a text file o
  3. Thank you!!! I am using the Community Edition and it was crashing every few minutes, many sites not working.. I am making a stock screener and many of the sites would not work... MarketWatch, FinViz, StockTwits, Google Finance... Nothing. Rolled back to 21, works perfectly. Thanks again.
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