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  1. Not long ago I found myself having to permanently dispose of the Windows operating system from the remaining machine I had the OS running on for reasons that are beyond the scope of this message. (This isn't a knock on Windows, it gives the overwhelming majority of the world what it wants when it comes to an operating system.) As it relates to my use of UBot Studio, throwing away Windows presented a potentially crippling challenge because of an ongoing data publishing project that was originally built exclusively with UBot Studio. This project runs 24/7 and publishes data to the web. What
  2. I just wanted to take a moment to concur with this reply. Absent some sort of software layer that can interface between 32 bit and 64 bit, it's unclear that any native 64 bit system will be able to interface with UBot Studio as it's currently designed.
  3. It's wildly impractical and even just nightmarish to attempt to use the "comment" command to temporarily block out a section of code. This is especially true if one is working directly in "Code View" and are reluctant to copy-paste the code you want to avoid running into a comment command from within "Node View" where any/all quotation mark escaping will happen automatically. While neither perfect nor optimal, here's another option that you can deploy directly from within "Code View": define skipcode { navigate("http://content.ubotstudio.com/resources/","Wait") click($element offs
  4. My original post was on August 1, 2020. It's now December 5, 2022. I'm still using the previously mentioned Windows machine that runs on an Intel 3.4 GHz Core i3-4130 microprocessor and 32 gigabytes of 1600 MHz DDR3 memory. The only mission-critical app in my arsenal that requires Windows is UBot Studio. In my experience, the best way to use something like UBot Studio if your primary computing environment is macOS is via a dedicated machine that runs Windows 10/11 Professional wherein you can use remote desktop from your Mac to access the machine. Two things that I've
  5. This is a documented defect, as summarized in Bug #1210 and Bug #1271. All of the built-in UBot Studio FTP commands and functions don't work on Windows 10. You can try reverting to Windows 7. That worked for me. Here's another workaround, posted in late 2015 by another forum participant.
  6. Hi. Are you attempting to upload all the images of a folder to a third-party website, or to a server you control, or something else? The reason I ask is because it's unclear from your post if the challenge you're confronting stems from a technical problem transferring binary data from the folder where the images are located or if the challenge has more to do with overcoming roadblocks that a third-party website may be raising in an effort to discourage what you're attempting to accomplish. It appears your license type is "Community Edition," according to your forum profile, and that could pote
  7. I thought I'd offer a first-hand perspective on what I've found to be the optimal way to interact with Windows based programs (specifically UBot Studio) while using a Mac. Three popular options are: Parallels, Boot Camp, and obtaining Microsoft's remote desktop connection software from the App store and then remotely connecting to a local/remote machine that's running the Windows operating system. I've done all three, and here is what I've discovered (again, this is subjective, but potentially useful): Parallels My iMac only has 8 gigabytes of 2133 MHz DDR4 memory, and unfortunately my
  8. It appears as though the issue might have been successfully resolved (see below). Version 6.1.14 *** IMPORTANT *** THIS RELEASE REQUIRES AN UPDATE OF THE .NET FRAMEWORK. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE .NET 4.8 INSTALLED BEFORE UPDATING. ***************** Updated .net framework Fixed issue with dropdowns
  9. That's unusual, but not necessarily surprising. I've already seen a handful of scenarios where something that might work for one individual might not ultimately work for someone else. What version of UBot Studio do you happen to be using?
  10. I realize this is a somewhat older thread, but I found myself seeking the ability to review the exact same plugin that you're talking about. The plugin you're seeking as well as several others are hosted on his site, via this link: http://ubot-plugins.com/free-plugins-downloads/ -- and as of several days ago, the download links worked. Anyway, I just thought I'd share this here because there's a realistic chance others might find themselves looking for this as well.
  11. Actually... it just occurred to me that you might be able to solve your challenge by bypassing the use of the HTML "img" tag and the "src" attribute to display images. Depending on your situation, something like this might be a suitable alternative: <div variable="#image1" fillwith="innerhtml"></div> The above code would replace this (see below) inside your UI HTML Panel command: <img src= #image1 alt="HTML5 Icon" style="width:50px;height:50px;"> What you'd then do is format the contents of the #image1 variable that is getting continually updated to look like this
  12. Ah okay, I think I understand. This is what's happening. When you load the application, UI HTML Panel (which is classified as a UBot Studio command) is being executed. You can dynamically update the contents of various HTML/CSS components within the UI HTML Panel via the use of supplemental UBot Studio attributes such as "variable" and "fillwith" -- but in the case of the HTML "img" tag, it's unclear to me that the contents of the "src" attribute can be updated through the use of the supplemental UBot Studio attributes of "variable" and "fillwith" -- but I could be mistaken. While it's tru
  13. Hi, I think I know what you're referring to. Files named 'chromedriver' and/or 'geckodriver' popup within a quasi-DOS box and then subsequently remain open/up while either Chrome or FireFox perform the commands that have been given to them. I don't recall seeing anything in the change log, and my recent attempt to install 6.1.8 failed at the startup screen, so I'm not sure if the behavior that I think we're both describing has changed. That would likely be a useful feature request if it hasn't been implemented already.
  14. Hi. I'm not entirely sure that I understood the question, but it sounds like you have an application that visits various websites. The application scrapes data from those websites. You'd like for various images within your UI HTML Panel to change as the aforementioned scraping takes place. (Am I understanding you so far?) Something that immediately appears to be potentially problematic with the code snippet you shared is that the UBot Studio variables you mention (#image1, #image2, etc) are not surrounded by curly brackets. (Something that would look more like this: {#image1}) Also, the HTML
  15. I wonder if what you're describing above pertains to this "pending" bug in the UBot Studio bug tracker: Bug #1317. I'm only mentioning this to potentially help cut down on the amount of trial-and-error you might otherwise experience while trying to fix something that's out of your control. It's plausible (although unlikely) that the functionality of the plugin you're referencing might possibly be impacted (to a greater or lesser degree) by the aforementioned bug. It's probably also worth pointing out that the bug appears to reference v6.0.4 of UBot Studio whereas the latest version as of th
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