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  1. Shocking... so really no one is using V5 yet? (i should've added a poll)
  2. Wondering what you guys think of V5. Do you love it or hate it? Are your still missing something? What did you expect and did you get what you expected or where your expectations exceeded?
  3. Aymen is what keeps me using Ubot. Without Aymen i wouldn't use Ubot anymore All hail Aymen! (amen, aymen, amen, aymen)
  4. Couldn't get anything else going so now i'm indeed throwing them all in a table and looping through that table and deleting the email at row 0
  5. I'm having trouble deleting all my emails simply. I have a hostgator email account (imap) that i'm using looping through them and deleting them one by one takes too much time if you have 100+ emails I even tried this inside the "connect to mail server" node -> verify emails(".", ".", "All Emails")It didn't delete all emails, it left the emails with only text in it (and no links) So basically i'm looking for a simple "wipe all emails" option, everything i'm trying to delete emails still leaves mails (read/unread) in my inbox...
  6. Do you get the .ubot with this? I'd like that so I can update it in case the sites change their stuff. And I can see that the hotmail is multithreaded, is the bookmarking submission also multithreaded?
  7. Is the turing spinning option working for anyone using the plugin? It doesn't work here, it gives an empty result back.
  8. I'll be testing this. But that's a big loop around to this whole crashing thing
  9. When I run a ubot4 compiled exe in scheduler using "/auto" it always comes up hidden. I am not seeing the Bot being run, altough i can see it in the task manager. Is it possible to make this visible?
  10. Anybody got a good recommendation for a VPS. I'd imagine you would need more than 1GB of RAM right?
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