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  1. don't think I really understand what you mean tbh...
  2. Hi! I have scraped 50 member urls to a list. I want to loop through each one of them and on every single url save name, email and phone number that is displayed on each member page. My end goal is to be able to open them in a neat excel table. I have no problem achieving the loop part but I'm not sure how to save the scrape of the name, email and phone number. Should I save each element (name, email etc) to unique variables and then save them to a list? Should I create one list per data type and then combine them after the scrape? Should I somehow scrape them and put them in a table s
  3. Hi! How can I run Ubot 5 and 6 in parallel? I remember there was a thread with instructions but I can't seem to find it.. THanks!
  4. Hey guys! So, I'm trying to manipulate the field on the bottom of this page that is connected to Google Maps https://www.hemnet.se/bostad/radhus-4rum-kungalv-kungalvs-kommun-olserodsgatan-30-16350104 What I want is to input a value and then scrape the result - https://monosnap.com/file/L7b02fiaMbEE2dVlXo4B2fehkPz4P3 However, I just can't get it working and it feels like I've tried everything. Any help would be greately appreciated
  5. Thanks a lot for all your help guys - I truly appreciate it!
  6. Thanks but is it not doable with the help of Regex? (I don't have exbrowser so I can't use xpath)
  7. Hi! On this forum, https://www.flashback.org/t1045448, I'm trying to scrape this part (all quotes) in all posts using Regex https://imgur.com/shWb5LJ Been trying this but doesn't seem to work.. <div class="post-bbcode-quote-wrapper">\n*.+\n*.+\n*.+\n*.(.+)\n*.+\n*.*\n*.* Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  8. Hi! Would this be achievable with Ubot Studio and if so, how? Thanks ------1. Load a list of names from an Excel-file2. insert first name from list into a url and then visit the url3. Scrape some data4. Save data in a table5. Insert second name from list into url...6. loop while there are names left7. Export data to Excel
  9. Hey guys! Just started up Ubot for the first time in years and can barely remember the most simple things Playing around a bit and what I am trying to do is to scrape all the urls on this page http://skl.se/tjanster/kommunerlandsting/adressuppgifterkommuner.1246.htmlwhere the link text ends with "Kommun". If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it Thanks in advance
  10. Added EDIT: We are now 112 members.
  11. We just reached our 100 member goal. Yey!
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