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#139861 Ubotlocker Ultimate Supports Php 7+ Check Inside

Posted by Bliss on 20 March 2020 - 12:54 PM

Excellent work TJ.  This license system is not only the best out for UBot Studio bots but also offers many features allowing you to offer professional services with the least resistance for users.
Before TJ released this i used to have to have 5 installs for my licenses for different bots as the system would lock up with too many licenses in it.
TJ has done a stellar job with this, and the upgrades and updates he pushes out are amazing, he has helped me out several times with one thing or another, and made updates really fast to add in features that could help.
Grab a copy if you haven't got it already, If you are selling bots then it will pay for it self over and over.

#132540 [Sell] Ustrap - The Best Drag & Drop Interface Builder For Ubot Studio...

Posted by Bliss on 19 December 2017 - 08:30 PM

Right, but is there a way to inject the generated HTML into the UI area and not the browser?

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of course (use custom html component in ustrap) in the ui, then generate the html for the table then put variables in the table which you set in the bot

#132539 [Sell] Ustrap - The Best Drag & Drop Interface Builder For Ubot Studio...

Posted by Bliss on 19 December 2017 - 08:29 PM

Ok so i spent some time making a nice gui, so i have some real life experiences :) and found some bugs.




  • when you copy a button it does not set in the right position when you preview.
  • can not use search in icons
  • buttons wont resize after you edited a few elements (or after you imported not sure which)
  • Click on link in components then tick button (color and size appears) click button again they go away (its a nice feature to put them there to begin with as its give me an even smaller font size (nice)
  • when you select a style on checkbox it defaults back to the label as checkbox and not the text you set for the label
  • click on a label after you have set it (set as none for color) and the title reverts back to Title
  • sometimes a tool tip will stay stuck on the screen.


Feature Requests


  • option to justify icon on buttons
  • option to change label color of text areas
  • save project button, its cool importing a ui etc from a ubot file, but im sure i would like to be more organised and save these in project files / html etc without having to copy /paste / save in another app.
  • remember last button size used (this would make things faster still) for buttons etc
  • add size settings on stuff like Select, Checkbox, everything else that you can so we can keep things more fluid as at the moment we can have small buttons but large Select (dropdown) and only tiny checkbox's
  • add title to Select (optional)
  • add in some kind of line break for tool tips so we can add some kind of formatting if we need to


Still loving it.... it makes the bots much faste :) ..................Keep up the great work Carl :)

#125722 Odd Little Ui Problem, .. Anyone Else Had Or Got This ?

Posted by Bliss on 22 November 2016 - 04:00 PM

CJ I had exactly the same thing in my last software i launched ( wpmastercontrol v2 ), i had to compile in v4 (but at least its stable :D)


that was with v 5.9.33 i think i was using (but it may of been .37 hmm), i downgraded from 5.9.43 pretty quick when it crashed on my 25 line bot with 2 stat mons (will put in tracker as soon as i get time)


I tend to code em in 5.x.xx for speed when i have loads of plugins loaded and compile em in 4 for stability etc (for now at least)

#125354 [SELL] Advertising / Chat / Traffic Bot

Posted by Bliss on 08 November 2016 - 05:23 AM

I am thinking i may make a new thread and Sell this as source code with comments... hmmm <_<


anyone interested?

#121115 I Need A Bot For A Poll

Posted by Bliss on 01 May 2016 - 07:31 AM

I already got a voting / poll bot made for someone else that uses HMA / VPN and different ip's, it could be modded pretty quick



pm me if u wanna talk more

#119540 How To Sell Ubot Programs With False Positive Virus Alerts!?

Posted by Bliss on 05 March 2016 - 12:33 AM



I have sold thousands of bots, probably over 10k+ written with ubot.  I agree the AV thing is a pain in the ass!


BUT.... this is how i get around it and in all the time the support tickets we get i would say is less than 3% after doing what i do.


Put it this way, i can't remeber the last time we had to do a reufnd due to that issue.


Firstly when i deliver the software via whichever method.. IPN / own site etc etc  in the receipt or welcome email i tell them right away that some A/V software can cause false positive's.

I assure them that it is not a virus or anything harmfull, then i direct them to knowledgebase articles for the top Anitvirus / Security software providers on how to whitelist the software.


Before i did this i did get alot more support tickets, but since it really is not a problem to me and i sell a thousand+ bots on each launch i do usually.


Hope this helps you.



#117456 Index Nuke - Brute Force Backlink Indexer

Posted by Bliss on 12 January 2016 - 09:59 AM

nice ui :)

#110581 [Sell] - Ubot Comminication Plugin - Browser Control (Pro) Use Chrome / Ff Et...

Posted by Bliss on 23 May 2015 - 11:59 AM

This is not fair Bliss,In India $127 is a not a little amount. :( . :(


What is not fair??  The plugin works well.. it has many many more features than we orig released it with..  We will fix bugs..


Its just future development is ending.  IT will still work, its not going to stop!!


Look at the majority of plugins they are made with a feature set then just kept up to date, so this is not the first one like this or the last i doubt!



Anway have a nice weekend everyone, its time to stop work and go and chill!

#108271 [Sell] - Ubot Comminication Plugin - Browser Control (Pro) Use Chrome / Ff Et...

Posted by Bliss on 01 March 2015 - 04:08 PM

Hey diskwizz  its sunday?


Just for future reference.. I do not work weekends.


So all updates from now on if done on a weekend will be updated on the following Monday.

#107852 [Sell] - Ubot Comminication Plugin - Browser Control (Pro) Use Chrome / Ff Et...

Posted by Bliss on 16 February 2015 - 02:59 PM




Fixed: $send request, time-out was set in milliseconds and not seconds.
Fixed: $send server request, time-out was set in milliseconds and not seconds.
Please goto http://customer.jvzoo.com to download the latest update

#106264 [Sell] - Ubot Comminication Plugin - Browser Control (Pro) Use Chrome / Ff Et...

Posted by Bliss on 17 January 2015 - 05:20 PM

Ubot Communications Plugin


The main idea behind this plugin is to provide server / client communication with the ability to run code on remote bots / or external bots local or over a network (IP or hostname). We have provided some examples of what is possible with this plugin and videos below.


In the pro version we have also provided a custom php script to go with the plugin to enable you to talk to your bots from a php server / web server.

** UPDATE *** In the pro version we now have included browser control, use firefox, chrome or phantomjs in your ubot bots.


List of Commands / Functions



* Lock: Locks a specific part of code (node/nodes) to be only accessed by one thread at a time (Making it impossible data data to get corrupted)
* SystemLock: Locks a specific part of code (node/nodes) system wide to be only accessed by one thread at a time (Making it impossible data data to get corrupted)
* kill process: Kills a process by it’s process id
* run ubot script: Runs raw ubot script (ubot code)
* return response: Returns the response to a client who just send a request with the function $send request
* start server: starts a server to which another ubot can communicate to
* stop server: stops the server


* $aes encrypt: Encrypts text with secret key
* $aes decrypt: Decrypts text with secret key
* $send request: Send a request with text response to a ubot server
* $get current process id: Get the current process id of the running ubot
* $get startup parameters: $get startup parameters: Get the startup parameter send by another ubot who started this ubot
* $shell with return: Executes a shell command with a text response
* $start process: Starts a normal non ubot process (exe), returns the process id
* $start ubot process: Start a ubot process (exe) with optional startup parameters
* $serialize list: Serializes a ubot List to text for sending over a network or storing on the disk
* $deserialize list: De-serializes a serialized ubot List (converts text to a ubot List from it’s serialized state)
* $get request data: Get the data send by a “$send request”


Pro only Functions /  Commands


-Commands (UBOT)

CBrowser Change Attribute: Change the attribute of a given element

CBrowser Change Checkbox: Change the checked state of a checkbox
CBrowser Change Dropdown: Changes the selection of a dropdown
CBrowser Change File Field: Sets the file to be uploaded in a file field
CBrowser Change Radio Button: Changes the selection of a radio button
CBrowser Click: Clicks a selected element
CBrowser Container: Creates a browser instance and executes all browser actions inside itself
CBrowser Delete All Cookies: Deletes all cookies in the browser 
CBrowser Delete Cookie: Deletes a cookies in the browser by name
CBrowser Load Cookies: Loads cookies from the disk (for example from a previous session)
CBrowser Navigate: Navigates to a given url
CBrowser Popup Container: Container that handles automation inside a popup
CBrowser Run Javascript: Runs Javascript inside the browser
CBrowser Save Cookies: Saves cookies of the current browser to the disk.
CBrowser Save Screenshot: Saves a screenshot of the rendered page inside the browser
CBrowser Save Screenshot Element: Saves screenshot of a element (for example a captcha)
CBrowser Scroll Browser: Scrolls the browser x pixels in given direction
CBrowser Set Cookie: Adds a new cookie to the browser
CBrowser Set Cookie By Domain: Adds a new cookie by domain to the browser
CBrowser Type Text: Types text in the selected element
CBrowser Wait For Dom Ready: Waits for the browser DOM to be fully loaded
CBrowser Wait For Element: Waits x seconds for a element to show up
CBrowser Wait For Popup: Waits x seconds for a popup to show up


-Functions (UBOT)
* $send server request: Send a request to a php url (to be used with our custom php classes)

* $CBrowser Document Text: Returns current source code

* $CBrowser Element Exist: Returns "true" or "false" depending on if the element exist
* $CBrowser Get Cookie: Returns a cookies value by name
* $CBrowser Max Time Out: Sets max time out of browser to load the page
* $CBrowser Scrape Element: Returns innertext from a single element
* $CBrowser Scrape Element Attribute: Returns given attribute from a single element
* $CBrowser Scrape List Elements: Returns a list of innertext from multiple elements
* $CBrowser Scrape List Elements Attribute: Returns a list of a given attribute from multiple elements
* $CBrowser Set HTTP Proxy: Sets the browsers http proxy
* $CBrowser Set User Agent: Sets the browsers user agent
* $CBrowser Title: Returns the current title of the browser
* $CBrowser URL: Returns the current URL from the browser
* $CBrowser Window Size: Sets the browsers window size
* $start with: returns "true" or "false" if a text starts with a given text
* $ends with: returns "true" or "false" if a text ends with a given text
* $send request: has now a timeout parameter
* $send server request: has now a timeout parameter
* $send request: returns now "error: error msg" if there was a error during sending or receiving the request
* $send server request: returns now "error: error msg" if there was a error during sending or receiving the request


-Functions (PHP)
* SendRequest: Sends a request to a ubot server’s url
* GetRequestData: Return the text send by ubot $send request



Example Videos


Two Bots Talking to each other back and forth and Controlling Defines on the external bot video


Client / Server video



Advanced Client / Server / Workerbot Example



Pro Example php demo (pro plugin only)







Startup bot with commands (Run Code in External Bot)




Serialize startup bot with commands (Get Ready and Pass Data / List to External Bot)





PLEASE NOTE: You will have to white list the license activator in your anti-virus software as it may give you a false positive because of the obfuscation we use.


We can assure you the file is clean!



Buy Standard Version - SOLD OUT            Buy Pro Version    $197



Check Below for Coupons before they expire! (first come first serve)


Main Sales page can be found here :-   here




The plugin can only be used on 1 pc, should you require further licenses please contact us for a reduced cost of additional licenses.


** You can use this on unlimited compiled bots! **







How many pc's can i use this on?
- You can use it on one PC with Ubot Studio Installed and compile unlimited bots with it in.
Can I use this to make an API for my bots
- Yes
Can I customize the interface for the bots?
 - Yes its just normal ubot, you can use whatever interface you want and add the commands accordingly
Is the pro version a different plugin and code?
- Yes the Pro plugin is a different plugin with more commands in it, also php example code and ubot examples too.
Can i purchase a 2nd license at a discounted price?
- Yes, please contact us for the current price at our client-area (in README or JVZoo info)
Can the server / client talk back and forth to each other?
- Yes they can, they can also do this on the same PC or via a network / internet (IP or hostname)
Will a Dynamic Worker Bot auto close once it has finished running the code given to it?
- Yes it will.
Will the server / client auto close once it has finished doing its commands etc?
- No it wont, not unless you use a plugin to close it (free one available)



***** We will only continue bug fixes from that time on! *****

#102469 [SELL] Ubot Source Obfuscator - Stop Hackers Dead In Their Tracks! by Enc...

Posted by Bliss on 07 October 2014 - 12:12 PM



Added Ignore UI Html Variables option

Fixed some bugs when running on windows 8.x

Updated UI







Special Offer for a few days only    $77


PM me for discount  :)






Current clients, please download again from Jvzoo and pm me for your new license

#101514 Does the host site record clicked pixel location

Posted by Bliss on 12 September 2014 - 06:25 AM

As far as i am aware using standard methods they only detect the item you click / access.


If you are talking about the site preventing you then there may be many reasons why this would happen.


One of the newer methods is using your browser to fingerprint you, i don't just mean window size etc.  I mean loading times and all sorts.. 


Check out this site also for some interesting info about your browser   https://panopticlick...tion=log&js=yes


Hope that info helps ya



#101391 Set correct dimensions (DEV Edition)?

Posted by Bliss on 09 September 2014 - 10:58 PM

nice share Edward, thanks