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#73778 Get Local Variables Inside Define to Another?

Posted by odeesuba on 16 March 2013 - 11:13 AM

Open Threads()
define Open Threads {
    loop(2) {
        thread {
            in new browser {
                Run Fill Form()
define Run Fill Form {
    add list to list(%Data, $list from text($Get Variables Set As Local(), ","), "Don\'t Delete", "Local")
    navigate("http://www.ubotstudio.com/playground/simple-form", "Wait")
    wait for element(<first name field>, "", "Appear")
    type text(<first name field>, $list item(%Data, 0), "Standard")
    type text(<last name field>, $list item(%Data, 1), "Standard")
define $Get Variables Set As Local {
    set(#First Name, $spin("\{Joe|Bill|Bob\}"), "Local")
    set(#Last Name, $spin("\{Blogs|Smith|Jones\}"), "Local")
    return("{#First Name},{#Last Name}")



#72591 How to connect mysql plugin to your server?

Posted by odeesuba on 28 February 2013 - 07:32 AM

I think you have to allow remote connection in the mysql in your hosting account.


Don't know how, but maybe someone else can help.

#70872 Download Files using the Bot

Posted by odeesuba on 09 February 2013 - 07:21 AM

define Startup {
    clear list(%Main Menu)
    navigate("http://www.dafont.com/", "Wait")
    wait for element(<class="dl">, 120, "Appear")
    comment("Build Main Menu")
    add list to list(%Main Menu, $scrape attribute(<outerhtml=w"<a href=\"./alpha.php?lettre=*\"> *</a>">, "fullhref"), "Don\'t Delete", "Global")
define Go To Main Page {
    navigate($list item(%Main Menu, 0), "Wait")
    wait for browser event("Everything Loaded", "")
    wait for element(<class="dl">, 120, "Appear")
    if($comparison($scrape attribute(<name="fpp">, "value"), "!=", 50)) {
        then {
            change dropdown(<name="fpp">, 50)
            click(<value="Submit">, "Left Click", "No")
            wait for browser event("Page Loaded", 120)
        else {
    set(#Temp URL, $url, "Global")
define Go To Sub Page {
    loop while($exists(<src="/img/page_suivante.gif">)) {
        click(<src="/img/page_suivante.gif">, "Left Click", "No")
        wait for browser event("Page Loaded", 120)
        if($exists(<src="/img/theme_suivant.gif">)) {
            then {
            else {
                wait for element(<src="/img/page_suivante.gif">, 120, "Appear")
        set(#Temp URL, $url, "Global")
        Download From Page()
        navigate(#Temp URL, "Wait")
define Download From Page {
    clear list(%URL)
    add list to list(%URL, $scrape attribute(<class="dl">, "href"), "Don\'t Delete", "Global")
    loop while($comparison($list total(%URL), ">", 0)) {
        download file($list item(%URL, 0), "{$special folder("Desktop")}\\fonts\\{$find regular expression($list item(%URL, 0), "(?<=f\\=).*")}.zip")
        remove from list(%URL, 0)
loop while($comparison($list total(%Main Menu), ">", 0)) {
    Go To Main Page()
    Download From Page()
    comment("Work Around For Freez")
    navigate(#Temp URL, "Wait")
    Go To Sub Page()
    remove from list(%Main Menu, 0)




This bot will go through all the main pages, and then the sub pages and download all fonts on every page.



This will take a lot or resources from the site, so be gentle or they may ban your ip.



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#69744 [FREE] FREE plugin - Close bot command

Posted by odeesuba on 30 January 2013 - 02:43 AM

I have just tested it, and it works.


Congratulation Aymen , great job.


Looking forward to buy your commercial plugins.


Also interested to buy a video explaining how you created this free plugin.  

#55962 Simple Counting Bot

Posted by odeesuba on 10 July 2012 - 02:14 AM

i.e.- 21

Thanks in advance guys.


Try this
ui stat monitor("Total", #List Total)
clear list(%List)
add list to list(%List, $list from text("1
6", $new line), "Don\'t Delete", "Global")
set(#List Total, 0, "Global")
loop($list total(%List)) {
    set(#List Total, $add(#List Total, $next list item(%List)), "Global")

#55543 Confused on the best way forward with Ubot

Posted by odeesuba on 02 July 2012 - 07:52 AM

Maybe affilate marketing then..But again, would it not be better to use software that already exists and can preform better to do the backlinking to my money site?

Many thanks for any help

Here is an idea that can make you money without selling your bots, you can give your bots free when someone buy from your affiliate link.

The trick is to make your bot specific to the offer.

Let us take an example.

You go searching for products that are selling well, and join as an affiliate.

Example http://www.woothemes.com/affiliates/ it is a word press themes website that pays you $50 + $5 pm for the developer package.
Their themes do not update directly in wordpress, you have to download the updated theme and install to your wordpress manually.

What if you made a bot that makes it easy for people who buy that package to
1) Download all the themes.
2) Check for updates daily and download the updates
3) One click install of any of the themes
4) Easy upgrade when the themes get upgraded.

I think people would buy through your link to get that bot.

This can be duplicated to any affiliate program, the bonus that you offer people would be the most relevant.

Another example what if you are promoting a book or a course that is teaching a specific method of doing stuff.

You can take the steps in the book and make a bot to make it easier for the customer.

#47971 Ubot win speed typing test

Posted by odeesuba on 09 February 2012 - 01:45 PM

I was playing around and had ubot take a typing test at http://speedtest.10fastfingers.com/

Had to slow it down a bit , then speed it up to ten letters at a time.

10 Letters at a time managed to get the number one position, beating the other 80,000 typists.

At 845 WPM words per minutes , no man will ever beat it. :)

Here is the code
navigate("http://speedtest.10fastfingers.com/", "Wait")
set(#test, $scrape attribute(<id="words">, "innertext"), "Global")
set(#Loop Position, 0, "Global")
loop($text length(#test)) {
    type text(<id="inputfield">, $substring(#test, #Loop Position, 10), "Standard")
    set(#Loop Position, $add(#Loop Position, 10), "Global")

You can change the number 10 in the above code and make it go faster or slower, try 1 or 11.

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#47958 How to find out the *.uBot files folder?

Posted by odeesuba on 09 February 2012 - 12:49 PM

use the code below, make sure that you save the bot or you will get the main program folder.

set(#Ubot Folder, $special folder("Application"), "Global")

#44599 Sending a Return Key

Posted by odeesuba on 12 December 2011 - 08:24 PM

Use {ENTER} in the type text command

navigate("http://www.editpad.org/", "Wait")
type text(<name="text">, "Line 1", "Standard")
type text(<name="text">, "\{ENTER\}", "Standard")
type text(<name="text">, "Line 2", "Standard")

#42860 How do I loop this?

Posted by odeesuba on 02 November 2011 - 07:16 AM

You need to put the row in variable so you can increase its value. check the code below

clear table(&test)
create table from file("C:\\ubot\\domains.csv", &test)
set(#currentrow, 0, "Global")
loop($table total rows(&test)) {
    navigate("{$table cell(&test, #currentrow, 0)}/wp-admin/", "Wait")
    type text(<username field>, $table cell(&test, #currentrow, 1), "Standard")
    type text(<password field>, $table cell(&test, #currentrow, 2), "Standard")
    click(<name="wp-submit">, "Left Click", "No")

#41267 How to scrape this on ubot4

Posted by odeesuba on 01 October 2011 - 01:57 PM

here you go

navigate("http://namechk.com/", "Wait")
type text(<placeholder="type username here">, "dad3dsad", "Standard")
click(<class="pretty">, "Left Click", "No")
wait for browser event("Everything Loaded", "")
set(#facebook status, $scrape attribute(<innertext=" Facebook">, "class"), "Global")